Thursday, 17 January 2013

darla ♥

Hi girls, hope you are having a lovely Thursday. I made sure I brought a giant cardigan in work today – along with lots of comfort food! Why do I always eat so much when it’s cold?! Last night me and the best friend ran around Sainsbury’s , before you ask, no I didn't go healthy… We then dyed her hair a gorgeous brown but seeing as her hair was platinum blonde it was quite a dramatic change. I think she looks amazing with brunette and blonde hair, I was just excited to put darker toned make-up on her...We all know I'm addicted to dark brows! For today's post, I wanted to talk about Valentine's, I'm not usually pro Valentines girl but I love pink and pretty products.

I really want to do a nice lingerie post for Valentine's Day - in a non creepy way of course. I really like this collage that I've put together, I'm usually rubbish at making them so I think I've outdone myself this time ;) If I had to pick one product, it would have to be the Doll WonderStyler, it is such an amazing flat iron and I love that it can style synthetic hair so you save money from buying real hair extensions! I've never really seen any white coated flat irons so it's a nice and refreshing change! Have you used Doll Haircare products before? Hope these gifts were helpful girls, let me know if you have any Valentine's Day tips! 


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    1. Arr thanks! :) I know - she looks amazing! xx

  2. The more Topshop lipsticks I see the more I'm tempted to go get one, I can never get round to it. x

    1. Ohh they're definitely worth the investment. They've got lovely staying power! xx

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