Friday, 14 December 2012

sense and sensitivity ♥

When it comes to comfy clothes I am very fussy, in fact I am incredibly fussy. Just because comfy clothes aren't my usual leather trouser ensemble, that doesn't mean it shouldn't look good! Your Own Clothing is a edgier version of Hollister, more street and less beach. If I'm being totally honest, I've never really been a big fan of Hollister, besides from the fact that you can't even see anything when you step into the store... But I find that Your Own really brings an edgier look to casual clothing. I can't think of anything harder than when it comes to making hoodies and tracksuit bottoms actually look good, but Your Own pulls this look off perfectly. Inspired by Japanese street style, Your Own products include t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, hats, vest tops, jackets and coats. Now there are a lot of trends that people can be iffy about, but everyone needs a comfy hoody to relax in this Winter weather.

I must be honest, I have recently found out the benefit of relaxing in tracksuit bottoms and I'm moving away from tight, uncomfortable clothes and besides, if tracksuits are good enough for Cheryl Cole...;) Your Own was created in 2009 and they were actually the first fashion company to produce a music video for Kaskade and Deadmau5's "I Remember" - we all know this song! The also own shops out in American and Japan, so it's exciting to see what the future hold for Your Own Clothing ;) Are you a big fan of Japanese fashion? What do you think of Your Own Clothing? Leave a comment below and don't forget to post your blog link if I haven't followed you yet, have a lovely weekend girls! ♥


  1. These track suits do look comfy. I am fussy about comfy wear too. I usually go for yoga pants.

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