Tuesday, 11 December 2012

blind date ♥

Good afternoon girls, how is everyone's day going? I am currently hunched at my desk eating yoghurt and carrots - obviously not together ;) Today has been pretty hectic at work, I've been sorting out Christmas cards for the entire magazine population! :) Last night I scheduled blog posts and had a relaxing magazine hour. Isn't it crazy how relaxing it is to read a copy of Vogue while eating chocolate? My plan for this week is to do a few more outfit posts and to review a few more beauty products - particularly teeth whitening ;) I'll let you all know when this post will be going up. Is there anything in particular you would like me to review? For today's post, I wanted to focus on tops - in particular French Connection women tops. I adore French Connection and their unique and bold style. I'm becoming a bit of a top junkie at the moment, I've overcome my leather trouser addiction and I'm not hunting for a leather top. 

Yes, you heard right, a black. leather. top. Incredibly snazzy I would say ;) I adore the leather top on the first row, it looks sleek and glam without looking a  bit...umm TOWIE. I'm sorry, I had to say - the TOWIE crew have given the leather look a bad name. Anyway, the other top I love from French Connection range is the last top on the bottom row. It would look perfect with jeans and a leather jacket, incredibly relaxed by still stylish. As you can see, my favourite tops from French Connection are a mixture between party tops and comfy tops, I definitely think the colour palette for French Connection this season is neutral but it still has a dash of glamour with it. What is your favourite French Connection top? Do you like their colour palette for this season? Let me know what you think girls, leave a comment below! Have a lovely afternoon. 


  1. Woww, I want everything on this page! :')


  2. Arrr I know they look amazing don't they?!

    I need a money tree! xx

  3. I want everything! SO lovely ♥ Great blog!

    I would appreciate it if you visit my blog too! :)

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