Tuesday, 6 November 2012

tough love ♥

I'm feeling pretty organised this week, which is a very rare occasion - I think relaxed and calm is another way to describe 'the life of Jade' right now. I'm in bed typing this (I'm typing this on Monday, for Tuesday's post - see, told you I was being organised!), while listening to Usher's new Numb song and waiting for my sister to find my Valentine DVD. Yes, yes I know - Valentine is a god awful film but I can't help but love it! David Boreanaz was my first crush okay, I have to love this film! Ahem, moving on... Today at work I got to go to a TIGI workshop which showed off their new highlighting technique, it was amazing watching the team work their magic, it has also made me very aware of how bad my hair is...woops! So far my week has consisted of buying Batman comics, running around the Disney shop and eating a lot of Nando's. Oh, don't forget watching Batman cartoons of course - what can I say, I'm obsessed ;) Of course there was the fabulous seanhanna awards, still can't believe how spectacular the show was!

My plan for tonight is to watch Valentine (hehehe it really is awful) and have a boiling hot bath, definitely something to beat this Winter weather. It might be slightly hard to do this though when my 10 stone Ridgeback is shaking on my lap from the fireworks... Oh dear. She is such a little pussycat. This breed is supposed to hunt lions but here Kaya is, crying on my lap. Very brave ;) How are your pooches holding up with all these fireworks?! And you'll be all pleased to know that I really am starting my healthy diet (again...), I ate every fast food you could imagine last week. Not good! So I'm back to being healthy girl tomorrow! Thank you for all my new followers, let me know if I haven't followed your blog yet! :) Have a lovely Tuesday girls, I'll be doing some product reviews and wish lists this week - exciting stuff ;) ♥

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