Thursday, 1 November 2012

new year, new you ♥

With New Year’s Eve only a couple of months away, thoughts about what we are going to wear on the biggest party night of the year are already beginning to enter our minds. New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to dress up to the max and battle it out to be the belle of the ball, but if you’re having difficulty deciding what to wear then the following advice could give you the inspiration you need...
The most stylish letters in the fashionable world, the LBD (Little Black Dress) is found in most wardrobes. This timeless outfit is incredibly versatile, suiting all types of New Year celebration. When worn with a pair of dangerously high stilettos it is the ultimate party outfit and is guaranteed to cause a few glances to come your way on New Year’s Eve. Paired with flat shoes and an elegant shawl, it could also be perfectly suited for a sophisticated dinner party.

When it comes to choosing what type of evening dresses you want to wear when the clock strikes midnight, look no further than a sparkly dress. The last night of the year is all about going over the top and getting noticed, so why not paint the town red in a sparkly dress? Whether it’s long, short, sleeveless or backless, so long as it sparkles you’re guaranteed to get noticed. Heels are a great option once again but you might want to select something with minimal detailing and plain colours so as not to detract attention from your dress or look overdone.
These one-piece fashion staples hug the skin tightly and typically have long sleeves and full length bottoms with a tantalising zip at the back. A bold fashion choice for most nights of the year, at New Year these are a great option – especially for anyone attending a themed party. Providing you’ve not eaten too many mince pieces and turkey sandwiches over Christmas and can still fit into this figure-hugging garment, the catsuit will certainly raise a few pulses. For the ultimate glamorous look, opt for PVC or leather material and grab a pair of tight leather boots to finish the outfit.
New Year’s Eve attire doesn’t have to be confined to evening dresses. A pair of leather trousers will make you look wholly glamorous whilst you wave goodbye to another year. Stilettos and a brightly coloured top will give your leather trousers the justice they deserve in the glamour stakes. ♥


  1. I love that white maxi dress! It's so simple, but gorgeous. And those cut-out wedges are lovely.
    I must say, I've always found I enjoy getting ready for New Year's Eve more than I enjoy the rest of the night! Haha

    1. I know, I think classic is always a winner when it comes to dressing up! You cant go wrong!
      Arrr me to, I don't know why New Year's Eve is more glam?! I'm excited to dress up for it though! :) xx

  2. Loving the two maxi dresses :)

    1. They're very glam aren't they?! I wish I had somewhere to wear them! xx


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