Friday, 16 November 2012

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Christmas at home or abroad? Winter sun vs. White Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time to return home and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Eating festive treats, buying a tree and adorning the house with Christmas decorations are just some of the traditions which make a great British Christmas. However, the unpredictability of our weather, coupled with an overloaded transport system, means that spending Christmas abroad can be a more appealing prospect for some. But can the lure of sun, sea and sand really trump the traditional festivities at home? An estimated 4.25 million Brits are expected to jet off on holiday this Christmas. Popular destinations include Mexico and the Caribbean, with their guarantee of a warm climate and tropical surroundings. These may seem like pricey options, but cheap deals and promotional offers are still available and continue to tempt last-minute bookers. British Airways has even introduced a new online payment deposit scheme, allowing holidaymakers to secure their package for a fixed fee and then save gradually until departure to cover the rest of the cost.

Short-haul destinations can also deliver on winter sun for those looking to get away on a budget. The mild climate in places like Tenerife and Casablanca makes them popular winter holiday destinations, and with several low-cost airlines offering regular flights, they are affordable options too. A recent survey by supermarket chain Morrisons found that British families expect to spend an average of almost £500 on Christmas, with many planning to spend far more. Making savings on things like festive food and drink can mean that taking a holiday is a financially wise move, especially if the trip counts as a Christmas gift to members of the family. Despite the draw of winter sun, there are many reasons to stay at home this Christmas. After a summer of legendary sporting success, a more upbeat atmosphere continues. High street sales rose during October and online and catalogue orders increased by over 40%. This will put a smile on the faces of retailers, and shoppers too have reason to feel positive. Rather than escaping Christmas present shopping by taking a holiday, why not make the experience a pleasure by visiting one of the many German-style Christmas markets held across the country? Mulled wine, mince pies and carol singers create a warm, festive atmosphere that's unlikely to be matched in any beachside destination. 

For many, Christmas revolves around friends and family: a reason to get together, exchange gifts and put any differences aside. In a 2011 survey by ComRes, 8 out of 10 people questioned agreed that Christmas is about spending time with friends and family: helping to prepare Christmas dinner with parents, decorating a tree with the kids and opening gifts together all help to make Christmas at home an unbeatable experience. Even the chilly weather in the UK can be embraced by staying in and enjoying British TV specials galore - the BBC is set to show favourites like Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders and Call The Midwife, whilst ITV will attempt to outshine these offerings with the much loved Downton AbbeyA positive financial outlook at home and the unique traditions our country has to offer make staying at home a great option this Christmas. Focus festivities on family and friends, embrace the chilly weather, and maybe consider jetting off in the New Year to beat those January blues! 



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