Tuesday, 23 October 2012

superstar ♥

Surrounded by pizza and my warm, cosy duvet is the perfect combination. To top it off, my kind mother is currently making me some hot chocolate - it doesn't get any better than this. I'm still in a grouchy mood today, I'm not sure why but maybe its the weather? I long to be on a hot beach and covered in tanning oil - actually picturing this makes me think of nandos chicken. This really isn't a normal thought... Anyway, before we start going into depth about my strange mind, I thought I would give you the long awaited Alternative Hair Show pictures. The woman warned us before we sat down that we weren't allowed to take pictures, but of course I sneakily snapped away ;) The Royal Albert Hall is absolutely beautiful, I've never been there before so I was pretty amazed when we finally sat down. It was huge inside! The first part of the show we were introduced to all of the iconic hairdressers and Vidal Sassoon's son came to the stage to speak about his father, which was incredibly moving and inspiring to hear about all of Vidal's achievements and the great impact he had on the hair industry.

How amazing are these collections? Okay, my camera doesn't exactly do them justice but, hey, you get the rough idea. I swear a new camera is on my Christmas list! Anyway, a range of different hairdressers put separate collections on, it was so hard to pick a favourite but for me, it has to be the black gothic look and the glittery gold body suit set! I really want a gold body suit after seeing this... It was really magical watching these collections, they were all very enchanting and very fairytale inspired. Have you been to an Alternative Hair Show before? They've been around for 30 years, so I was lucky enough to go to the 30th Anniversary. I definitely recommend going, especially to see the hairdresser Anne Veck - she really has a unique and edgy take on hair styles! Let me know what you think of the collections, what one is your favourite? I'm back to listening to Taylor Swifts Red album and starting my new skin routine - I might go a few weeks without any skin make-up...gasp! Have a lovely evening girls, let me know what your favourite skin product is! ♥


  1. Wow it looks so amazing!! I want to go! I know how you feel, just wish it was summer, this time of year is so depressing! xx

  2. I'm so jealous, I would have loved to be there. I would also like a gold onesie haha :)

    Lea x


  3. ohhhh my goodness I would do just about ANYTHING to be on the beach, tanning right now! I just got back from Florida and I miss it so bad!!! anyway, I like your blog a lot!
    I like how you snuck those pictures! ;P hahah very clever and those pictures look great I bet it was a lot of fun!
    you have a wonderful day!

  4. Amazing show :)



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