Tuesday, 4 September 2012

what's my line ♥

I'm currently writing this on my lunch at the lovely Flipside PR office, even though it's like an oven outside, the cool fan is keeping me nice and chilled. I'm eating a Shapers salad, my attempt of being healthy is still very painful - although, I did have a McDonald's breakfast earlier so I guess I can't complain yet... Today I've been writing beauty tips while listening to Heart FM, I entered the competition to win the Lady Gaga tickets and of course my phone has remained silent. I have the worst luck at winning things, I'm jealous of all the lucky people who won tickets to see her! I finish work at half 4 everyday, (amazing I know :D) so I'm going to do a little (or a very long) shopping trip on the fabulous Oxford Street. There is a giant Topshop right next to the Flipside office so I'm taking this as a sign.. After shopping, I'm going to the cinema to see the Expendables 2 - what?! It's a good film! Okay, it is fairly bad, but I'm a sucker for action films and before you ask, yes I will be getting prawns and nachos. I may snuggle prawns into the cinema but hey, if they sold nachos and prawns together I wouldn't have to! I got the fabulous more! magazine today and its amazing to see all the beauty pages that I help put together. I do miss being at the more! office already, but Flipside is lovely. I even have a leather chair here! Yes, I am easily pleased.  I've had to write one of the press releases for the Young Blood nude collection, I am in awe of this range - I'll try and see if the girls will let me review some goodies for you all! Have a peak at their website and let me know if you like the look of them.  
For today's post I wanted to tell you about a competition from the fabulous Precis. It's quick and easy to enter and the prize is an evening in London with a £200 bar tab, £300 Precis vouchers and they even pay for your travel! Here is the link, what are you waiting for? It closes on the 9th so get your entries in now. Hopefully you'll have better luck at entering than my Heart radio Lady Gaga attempt.. Let me know if you've found any good competitions lately, I'm in the mood to enter them! The Precis competition looks too good to be true, clothes and cocktails?! I made a selection of my favourite dresses, they really are Victoria Beckham styled. She would be proud of every single one of these fabulous designs - very posh ;) What one is your favourite? These dresses are ideal for weddings, work or a posh date ;) Do let me know what you think and good look if you enter the competition. I'm getting back to work and tomorrow's post will be more product reviews! Have a lovely, sunny afternoon girls.


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