Wednesday, 5 September 2012

surprise ♥

Hello girls, hope you're having a good morning. I'm currently at my desk eating a 'healthy yoghurt' and listening to Azealia Bank's new song 1991. God I love this girls style, she's wearing a black blazer and wearing dark plum lipstick - definitely my new style crush! I have the dark YSL lipstick at home but I'm too scared to wear it! I'm going to be bold and play around with it later, maybe caramel eyeshadow will go well with it? Are you a fan of the dark plum lips? Last night I finally saw the Expendables 2, it was pretty awesome, cheesy, but I was still pleased. Especially because I got my nachos ;) Before Harry came and picked me up, my sister gave me a theory book to revise from...I'm still practising for it and I'm really not keen if I'm honest. Driving has never really appealed to me, I know I need to learn but mehh, I've never been interested in it. Please let me know if you have any revision tips, the more help the better! My plan for tonight is to go and see my friend Ashley, probably order too much Chinese food and then watch films - I have seriously been craving seasame prawn toast! I tried to go shopping after work yesterday but Oxford Street was far to busy, I can't concentrate with all the hussle and bussle. I may run up to Bromley for a late night shopping trip on Thursday. I'm not exactly what I need so I may have to plan and do a list, that way I wont get distracted and end up buying magic beans or something... Besides from practising my theory test, starting this new internship at Flipside, I'm also going to start kick boxing - well, some form of self defence. I thought it would be good for me to learn some basic self defence and it will also get me into shape. Sulking for 20 minutes when the corner shop doesn't have any peanut butter Kit Kats really isn't a good sign... 

Now for today's post, I wanted to do some work outfits/job interview attire options, I don't see enough blog posts about work clothes and all of the other things you may need when you go to an interview. When I went for the Flipside interview I made sure I was fully prepared, you name it, I had it stuffed in my bag. Although, I think a little disclaimer is needed first, because I'm in the beauty/fashion industry, the dress code is slightly more relaxed and more expressive - general offices would wear the normal shirts, trousers etc. but for the industry I am getting into, its more relaxed about what you wear. For this post, I also wanted to include all the little things you may need when going for an interview, Polo's and perfume is definitely a big thing for me. First impressions are everything, so when I scrambled all the way up to London, I was hot, sticky and I also had bacon for, Polo's, deodorant and perfume came in very handy. You smell refreshing and clean as soon as you step into that interview, a very good first impression if you ask me ;) For the colour code of job outfits, I would keep it simple, black always looks classic and smart but mixing one bold colour to spice it up does show personality. I wore a plain black dress for my interview, but I had a large beige tote bag to add colour. For the make-up, I would keep it incredibly toned down, for me, powder is essential because I have an oily skin combination. I would suggest nude nails because it keeps things simple and professional. Make sure you comment below and share your interview tips, are you just as OCD with polos and perfume as I am? Have a good afternoon girls and thank you for all my new followers! ♥


  1. For your theory, I'd suggest hunting down practise tests online, I just repeatedly did practise tests until I could remember the answers, because I found it hard to learn from the books etc. I'm obsessed with smelling nice at all times anyway, nevermind at an interview! I always make sure I've put a little bit of vaseline on my lips aswell so they don't look dry, first impressions and all that!

  2. Ahh I tried that yesterday and just as I was about to find out my score, the computer lost its battery -_- haha. Yeah I think you're right, the book is so dull!
    Hahaa same, perfume is a must have! Thanks for your comment hun :) Hope you're having a nice day! xx

  3. i'm going to see azealia in october i can't wait!!

    the best advice i can give with driving is don't drive with a parent/friend, as you pick up bad habits. try to get driving lessons at busy times as you can practice meeting cars, busy roundabouts etc, confidence confidence! once you can drive you will find the freedom amazing! also good for shopping trips ;) good luck!

  4. also the theory is pretty much common sense, just be careful about the winter weather conditions, speeds and signs :)

  5. kick boxing oh cool good luck with that, I love this post !!!


  6. Gorgeous look! Your interview sounds great, and outfit too. :)

    Indie by heart

  7. Hey dear love all the look so put together...nice

    Btw do check out my new post
    Stay in touch

  8. I love these two outfits, where is that black skirt from? And my friend actually has that prada bag! She's a lucky girl...
    I had an interview the other day and I paired a black pencil skirt with a black and white peplum top. The top was slightly unusual which I think is good as they remember you in their minds!

    Cath x

  9. in love with both bags! still looking for the perfect bag hehe :-)

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