Monday, 17 September 2012

same time, same place ♥

When it comes to fashion, we use clothes to express ourselves. It is a way to show off our mood, taste and aspirations - there really isn't anything quite like wearing an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd. We see it everyday, even if we don't realise it, its a part of everyday life - from the woman on the train wearing Liam Fahy stilettos or a woman holding her Calvin Klein clutch bag while she enters a restaurant, its hard not to notice the glamour and class that makes an outfit complete. One day, (when I'm hopefully a millionaire...hey, it could happen!), I would love to walk down Bond Street and not just gaze into the shop windows. It's hard to pick out a favourite type of clothing for me, I can be dazzled and amazed pretty easily but there is something about a designer label that really sparks my interest. Just knowing it is not something everyone else can find in their local Primark makes me want it even more! I've recently been on a website called Avenue 32 and boy does their designer goodies tick all the boxes! From A to Z, they have a beautiful amount of designer clothing ready to buy at your fingertips. With all the glitz and glamour from the runways this month from New York and London Fashion Week, its refreshing to see all the new Autumn trends coming in. I've gone through every page and I'm having trouble picking out my favourites! I'm creating a tag now to make your own Avenue 32 wish list! I'd love to see what you pick so make sure you leave the blog link when you comment :)

I feel like I don't feature enough designer brands on here so I think its refreshing to step away from the regular H&M and Primark posts! So I've put together a wish list of all the goodies I'd like from Avenue 32. I've mixed it up quite a big, ranging from Autumn coats to leather shorts. Yes, I am a big fan of leather - we all know this! If I had to pick one item, it would have to be the leather peplum coat by Giles, how gorgeous is it? There has been a lot of leather being mixed with the peplum style and I for one, am loving this new trend! What do you think of the items that I've put on my wish list, do you think they're definitely awe worthy or do you think I need to step away from my leather obsession? Also, I forgot to mention about the bikini's on here! I'm in need of a nice bikini so if you could help me pick which one is your favourite, I'm looking at the Roksanda Ilincic swimwear range at Avenue 32 so let me know what one you would choose! Remember to make your own Avenue 32 wish list and post the link below. Hope you have a lovely week girls! ♥


  1. love that maroon stilettos <3
    I'm your new followers, hope we can follow each other

  2. I know they're great! They would be perfect for work! :) Yep I'm following you now! xx

  3. Love the peplum black jacket! Love these styles!!

  4. love all of them!!!


  5. Lauren - Ahh me to! It's gorgeous! I want everything! xx

  6. Snow White - Same here, It's really hard to pick just one! xx

  7. Fabolous things! These boots, bags.. I love it all! : )


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