Friday, 21 September 2012

revelations ♥

I'm currently at my desk on my lunch break, I've eaten far to much food (as usual) and I'm still hungry. My stomach has definitely been paying for all the bad food I've eaten this week - I'll definitely have to get back to my exercise routine. Sigh. Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your stomach lovely and flat? This week I've been very shopping crazy and bought quite a few outfits, I'll do a haul this weekend! I've also been out to eat with the girls (again, not healthy food at all) and seen Kirsty during my lunch breaks. I've had a pretty relaxed week so far, Harriet from uni has got work experience next to my work so we've been having food and shopping trips when we're both finished, I've actually got paid so I can actually shop for once! I don't have to worry about feeling guilty because I'm on a student budget, I'm a work girl now so I can spend freely. I went to H&M yesterday and bought two pairs of trousers and an outfit inspired by the lovely Kim ;) But I may point out, I really am not pleased with Kim's fashion choices lately, Kanye needs to stop styling her -_- It's all gone down hill since they started dating, we all know what I'm talking about. The boots. Those god awful knee high boots that Kim has been wearing. Every outfit I see her wearing is ruined by those terrible, terrible boots. I really can't imagine her liking them so she's obviously doing it to please her beloved boyfriend. The things we do for love... Now the outfit I bought inspired by Kim was worn by her on Saturday as she was leaving her hotel. It's such a gorgeous outfit and seeing as I'm pay day girl, I had to treat myself ;)

I bought this blouse from H&M and I think £14.99 really isn't too shabby but because I wanted it as a dress, I got it a few sizes bigger so it covers everything. I absolutely love the way it looks on Kim, her hair looks amazing with it and she looks so glam. I bought a large size plain black vest top as well just so it can go under the blouse. It is very important to get the vest top for underneath because it will be very see though! I also love Kim's hair with this outfit, it looks incredibly glossy and shiny so I suggest using the Umberto Gianni Jet Set Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner, with the Lee Stafford Shine Spray. I am a huge fan of these hair care products because they really add shine and dimension to my hair. To get Kim's hair, I suggest curling a few chunks then gently brushing them out, then simply straighten your side fringe. Although, Kim does look slightly odd with half of her face covered - new trend maybe? ;) As for the make-up, keep it very bronzed and neutral. I can't recommend enough the Young Blood lip liner pencil, it is such a lovely product! I'm going out with the girls tonight so I'll let you know what outfit I come up with! We're making cocktails apparently so I'll have to look like a alcoholic and carry drink back with my from work... Hope you have a lovely weekend girls, let me know what you think about Kim's boots - please agree with me on this! haha. ♥


  1. I envy you the Boots and Superdrug, there are great products :)
    Why for me it does not: (?

    Ps. How about sharing cosmetics :)?

  2. i love kims hair on this pic i would like to go a similar colour for winter and i agree with u about kanye styling her! although i have noticed her make up has been more natural looking lately and she suits it x

  3. Cute post! Kim looks flawless as always! I'm your newest follower! Hope you will follow back!

  4. I love this!! :) Defo want the blouse, went in H&M earlier and didn't see it :( xxx

    Would love if you could call over to my blog and follow if you like. :)

    Im also running a giveaway to celebrate hitting 50 followers :)

  5. Great post!
    I love the products you've picked out and will definitely be taking your advice on them!

    Cath x

  6. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you about Kim's boots, first of all, THEY'RE GIVENCHY so that means they're a flawless piece of art by default. Kim's style has it's moments of brilliance as well as moments of WTF, but I'm pretty sure Kanye knows what he's doing when it comes to style, how the hell would anyone know who Amber Rose is? Cute post nonetheless :)


  7. Those boots ruin every single one of Kims outfits. Horrendous.

  8. Love your blog, you are sooo pretty:))
    I'm following!

  9. Her hair is so gorgeous! I want!
    We share the same interest!
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  10. I love Kim Kardashian! Isn't she just gorgeous!!! I love your blog all the outfits I have seen are so nice! Come see my blog and perhaps follow me back? haha

  11. i love this outfit!! soo amazing!! (


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