Saturday, 29 September 2012

never kill a boy on the first date ♥


Yes, it has been two days since I started my healthy diet and I have indeed stuck to it. What?! 2 days is a lot for me! That's two whole days without my beautiful peanut butter Kit Kats...nom nom nom. Instead I've been eating fruit, water, salads and yoghurt', delicious -_- Apart from my new healthy diet, I've been busy at work helping with clients and putting together 'Get The Look' posts. Isn't it amazing that I get paid to do this?! Being paid for doing what you love really is the best feeling, its nice that all my hard work is paying off! So I've treated myself to quite a few things this week ;) and I seriously mean shopping OVERLOAD! I spent £50 in Primark, £50 online, £40 on eBay then £60 on another shopping trip..minus the two other trips I made this week. What?! I never have money to shop! I ordered two lovely dresses from Missguided and boy, oh boy they are gorgeous. I've been stuck in a style rut recently, I really don't like my wardrobe and I'm tired of wearing shorts on nights out. So when I was looking at the Missguided dresses, I was instantly attracted to something different than my usual style. I love, love, love the green Yvonne Peplum Bodycon bustier dress, I never really have any green shade dresses and it goes really well with my brown (ish) hair. It's great for £24.99. It is really flattering on my stomach thanks to the peplum style, those two tiny bits of fabric really are life savers!
The next dress I bought was the Pollis Shimmer Pleated dress in Blush, this dress is more for posher nights out, so nights in Central London. I had to get a bigger size because of my waist though...I need to accept that I don't have a size 8 tummy -_- woops! Other than that, its a beautiful princess dress. I can't wait to wear it out. It was in the sale too for only £18.39. I've also bought a black River Island bag from eBay which came today, it was only £14, then I bought much needed winter boots from Primark for £20, and a dark red Topshop dress for £49. I feel like my wardrobe is looking much nicer and updated, this is the one good point about not being a student anymore. I love having a job and earning money! haha ;) Tonights plan is to have a lazy night in with my sister, I know its sad, but I ordered some Lion King DVDs, the first one and second. Oh and Tangled ;) Hopefully they'll come by Monday so I'll have another cosy movie night. It's far too cold to be stepping outside into the real world haha. What are your plans for the weekend? I hope they involve a warm duvet and hot chocolate! Have a lovely evening girls. ♥


  1. ermmm... little bit in love with both those models on the top ;)


  2. Absolutely love that green peplum dresd you've ordered!
    I may be putting that in my basket :)

    1. Ahhh definitely buy it! It came the other day, it fits lovely. Such a great colour too! :) xx

  3. I've fallen in love with the little red topshop number!! Making a somewhat hasty plan to escape work and purchase it as i type :)

    Great post, love the feel of your blog!

    Sian xx


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