Sunday, 2 September 2012

inca mummy girl ♥

Hello lovelies, hope you're having a lazy Sunday - I've had Harry come round and we've been watching The Departed and eating hot dogs. Yum! I am going to attempt to paint my nails a nice, dark shade but I tried to do myself a french manicure yesterday but they smudged. Words can't describe how bad I am at doing my nails, not only do they always smudge but the nail polish gets everywhere. What is wrong with me?! I long to have nails that look nice on camera haha. We shall see how they look today... Tomorrow I am starting my new internship at Flipside PR - I am super excited, its only for a month but its still great to get into the PR side of beauty. It will be lovely to say that I've dealt with the journalism and PR side of the cosmetic industry! I bought a red leather skirt from Primark to wear tomorrow - it's a lovely dark cherry shade, I'll make sure I take a photo for you all tomorrow. I have no idea what I'll pair it with, maybe a plain black top and heels? Okay, okay...wedges. We know I can't wear heels unless wine has been drunk. I'm going to start my whole "no back combing or wearing extensions" plan tomorrow - my hair better grow like Rapunzel if I stick to it! haha. Now for today's post I wanted to do a wish list, especially one at the start of the month...I always do them too late! Anyway, Autumn is finally here (although it hasn't been very summery anyway) and I personally prefer wearing dark, dark colours and we all know what this means - I can wear my leather trousers non stop again! :D

Yes, the tight, leather trousers can come out from hiding. I don't think these are really in season this year but hey - we all know I usually wear 90's styles anyway! haha. I love, love, love the peplum top trend, so its nice they're coming out in dark plum shades for September. The shops I've looked at for all these goodies are River Island, Miss Selfridge and Topshop. Oh and Dorothy Perkins! As you can see, I've picked very fitted and basic items, the coat with the leopard print collar is fabulous - it's only £85 (okay, slightly pricey but hey its gorgeous) I'd love it if this was done in leather. Ah yes, my leather addiction is back in full swing mode. As for the make-up, dark plum shades are going to be big this season - I was lucky enough to get one of the new Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks in 206, wow this shade is the definition of goth and glam. I need to create a look wearing this! Do you prefer darker, autumn shades or do you like the bright candy colours that we've seen this summer? Let me know whats on your September wish list - I hope peplum tops are involved ;) I'm going to drink the rest of the chocolate soya milk in the fridge then have some much needed sleep. Wish me luck for my first day at Flipside PR tomorrow! :D Have a lovely evening girls ♥


  1. You've picked some great items! I love that grey peplum :)
    Good luck with your internship. Sounds like it will be fab!


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    1. Thanks - I know, I need to start saving!
      Thank you :) It's going great so far! xx

  2. Ah I want it all ! I love the autumnal colours. Enjoy your internship , remember no pain no gain with the heels ! You'll be fab xx

  3. good luck with your internship hun :) I love and want it all !!!


  4. I lovee peplum tops!! Have soo many in my wardrobe!! Theres some nice simple ones in Primark that would pair nicely with a up market skirt!! Good luck!!

  5. I love A/W colours! I love peplum too but not sure how I can pull it off just yet haha. Good luck with the new internship, sure you'll be fine! :)

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  8. love all your picks!!! im soo into peplum trend right now!

    xoxo jenna
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  9. What a perfect selection! I love everything.

    - You've a great blog, here! And a definite new follower. x

  10. great selection, love the lipstick!

  11. Those boots are awesome! I can't wait to start wearing all the gorgeous dark colours that come with autumn, I'm definitely a winter girl at heart. Loving peplums at the moment as well, so flattering and elegant. I just did a post on peplums actually, maybe you'd like to read it? All indie UK shops and designers as well, link is

    Julia x
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