Wednesday, 15 August 2012

the zeppo ♥

Hi girls, I hope you're all having a good week so far. I can't believe that it's Thursday already?! Last night I organised my blog posts and ate far too much chocolate ice cream. I ended up going to bed at 10 - I was so exhausted! Victoria Beckham will be proud of me, I managed to spend an entire day wearing heels...never again! I'm wearing my comfy ballet pumps today :) Speaking of the fabulous Posh spice, my Facebook finally changed my profile to the dreaded timeline but I changed my cover photo to a picture of the Spice Girls from the 1997 Brit awards. Girl power ;) My plan for tonight is to have a cheeky late night shopping spree, I am dying to get some new evening dresses - maybe some new peplum dresses? I'm really tempted to get my nails done too, but £20 is not very ex-student friendly... Winning the lottery would come in quite handy right about now! I'm currently calling in products for a beauty shoot on Monday, my voice is getting better but the PR girls remember who I am as soon as I croakily say hello. Woops! Can you believe I've been at more! for nearly 5 weeks? It's gone so fast, I really don't want to leave but I've got some really exciting things lined up so I have quite a bit to look forward too. For today's post, I wanted to have a large review of a certain brand. I really like that I've got a lot of products in one post - do you all prefer it like this? The brand responsible for all these goodies is called Per-Fekt. They're actually a US brand all the way from the glamourous Hollywood ;)

So of course Per-Fekt has a ton of celeb fans, including: Kim K, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Teri Hatcher and Blake Lively. I was already amazed when Kim Kardashian was mentioned..How amused I am that Kim uses the products that I've got in my beauty drawers! Anyway, before I trail off into my Kim obsession, lets get back to the goods! The first product I looked at was the marvellous Body Perfection Gel, (Rihanna and Jennifer Love Hewitt are big fans of this), I have to admit, I was a bit puzzled when I first used it - for the first time in history after using a skin product my hands were not left with a sticky, greasy feel to them! That's right, the Body Perfection Gel has no oil or moisture to it, it simply gets absorbed into your skin and makes it appear flawless. It basically creates an even skin tone and gets rid of any redness or any bruises. Which lets face it, I walk into my bed and bruise like a peach every 5 minutes. It has such a lovely texture to it and it glides on perfectly - no pun intended. This is definitely getting added to my beauty routine! The next products I looked at were the Brow Perfection Gel's - they are basically a quick and easier way for having full and well groomed eyebrows without using a brow pencil, stencil or brow shadows. I definitely recommend this product if you're always in a rush and I think eyebrows are essential for your make-up routine so I never skip doing them. The shade that suits my eyebrows best is espresso, if you have lighter eyebrows then champagne is the right colour for you. Now I still have some lip glosses to get through but I'll continue this in tomorrows post - let me know what you think so far! Have a great day girls ♥


  1. never heard of this brand before thanks for sharing

  2. You've sold me on the body perfection gel haha. I've never heard of it before but it sounds great so may have to give it a whirl. Love your blog by the way - just stumbled across it as you do so count me as a new follower :) x

  3. I wish i could try this,...sounds amazing :)
    Nice blog!

    Beauty Blog: Me and my Cousin

  4. Oh wow-thanks for the info I'll have to try it!! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    Elle xoxo 

  5. Gosh I simply love your posts!
    Mind checking mine? ^-^ I’ve just updated it and don’t have many followers :) It’s - I always follow back ♥

  6. Great blog, just realised you've just graduated from the same course that I did at Solent! Small world! xx

  7. Lovely blog!! A big kiss from Spain!!


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