Friday, 10 August 2012

the weight of the world♥

1. Jumper: River Island Wedges: Topshop Shorts: Topshop 2. Heels: AX Paris Denim Shorts: River Island 3. Shoes: Zara Shorts: River Island 4. Boots: River Island Shorts: River Island
At this moment in time, I feel like death warmed up..which is slightly ironic seeing as I'm wearing all black today... I've got the flu :( My desk is surrounded by tissue boxes and I'm constantly reapplying powder to my red nose -_- not the most attractive look. Hope everyone has had a good week! I think its gone pretty slow actually, what has everyone got planned for tonight? I'm going round the BFF's with the rest of the girls to order Pizza Hut and watch chick flicks. I'll be having a large super supreme all to myself..with two sides muhaha. I've been looking at the Daily Mail today and I saw that the Spice Girls are rehearsing! Eiiii I love them! Posh has always been my favourite obviously ;)
Now for today's post, I'll explain why I'm obsessed with the jumper. I got the train this morning and around 8.15am she appeared. She could be Millie Mackintosh's twin - gorgeous, skinny with glowing skin and her fashion sense is amazing. Millie Jr. quietly got on the train and had every man subtly drooling at her with their mouths open - I was also admiring (but at her outfit). I was so tempted to ask her where she bought everything but a. I didn't want her to think I was a crazy stalker and b. well..reason a again.

So I did my detective work and found alternatives - she wore tropical shorts with the black jumper and gorgeous brown wedges. Now I personally wouldn't have put these things together, we all know how plain and simple I dress but I am in love with this outfit. The baggy jumper hung off this woman perfectly and when I buy one it better do the same! Damn my boobs... Anyway, I also put together how I would wear the jumper. You know I have issues with flat shoes (although I'm wearing sandals today so I'm getting better!) so I've found different heel styles. I am seriously in love with these outfits - I want them all! Other than the tropical shorts, I would say the nude ones from River Island are my favourite. Which one do you prefer? How would you wear the black jumper? I promise I won't frown if you say the word Converse - I'm tempted to buy a pair mum keeps moaning at me that I don't have any practical shoes. Pffft.. I'm back to ordering products for next weeks shoot - I feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to my voice today, I sound like a foghorn..sigh. Have a great weekend girls! ♥


  1. I love all of those shoes!! I couldn't take my eyes off of them. The wedge sandals were definitely my favorites.

  2. I would wear all of these outfits in a flash! Those pink tweed shorts are particularly lovely!

  3. Loving this post :) - New follower

    Hope you will check my beauty/lifestyle/fashion blog :)

  4. Great pics... I love the sweater a lot! So have to have one :)


  5. I love the brown heels!
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  6. i love those tan coloured topshop wedges too! x


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