Monday, 27 August 2012

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Hi girls, hope you’re having a lovely week – the weather has been strange hasn't it? I’m currently at my desk in the more! office and I’m eating sushi, yes, I’m having sushi for breakfast… I feel slightly ill though. Bad move Jade, bad move. I’m incredibly tired this morning, I tried to pay for my lunch earlier with my train ticket. Woops! I can’t believe it’s my last week at more! magazine, I’m going to miss the heavenly beauty cupboard, talking to lovely PR companies and seeing Poppy, Zara and Annie do what they do best! Now before I start rambling away, I wanted to do a review on some gorgeous Estee Lauder products from Harrods, in particular their Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder and Pure Colour Gloss Lipstick. Now I don’t really like using the word review when it comes to brands like Estee Lauder – there is nothing to review about this brand, you know straight away that whatever you buy from them, it will be flawless. Quality at its finest - you have no choice but to just admire them as works of art. The gold and blue packaging alone shows off class and sophistication, these are the products that I would lust for while using my pound land lip gloss…sigh. I can’t stress enough how much I love the look and quality of Estee Lauder products. We know how obsessed I am with make-up, imagine how crazy I’m going to get now I’m experiencing designer brands for the first time! Looks aside, let’s focus on the actual products! The Pure Colour Gloss Lipstick is available in 10 shades, all very subtle tones. I’d say they’re quite pastel, candy inspired. So automatically they can be wore during the day time for work etc.

The shade I have is Amber Glaze which I chose because of the bronze tone, as much as I love my nudes, I’m really warming up to dark bronze and browns. It can look very 90’s but hey – I’m a 90’s girls anyway! It's a beautiful shade that is smooth and creamy, which I love as my lips are quite dry at the moment so it's very moisturising. Now before I start going into detail about the Lucidity Translucent Powder, lets explain my relationship with powders in general. I can't get enough of them - they are my favourite beauty product (other than false lashes of course) and I find they make the biggest difference to my beauty routine. I have very oily skin so using powder keeps me looking fresh and vibrant without looking well..oily. It's the product I use the most, so I need a powder that lasts and doesn't disappear after 5 dabs of my powder brush. I have never tried Estee Lauder powders before but already, I give the packaging, design and quality of the product 10/10. I love cosmetics that have gold I too easily pleased or is everyone else like this?! I will gladly put this powder on my dresser table because it looks very 1950s Hollywood! I love how glam it looks. The shade is 02 Light/Medium and its a perfect base for my skin tone, its a lovely and even shade. It's incredibly lightweight and natural so its great for me because I usually have to wear a large amount of powder because my skin is so oily. Let me know if you've tried these products before - are you obsessed with the packaging as much as me?! haha. Have a good bank holiday girls, make sure you check out Harrods full range of Estee Lauder products!  Click here ;) ♥



  1. That lipstick is so pretty!!

  2. There's something just so classy about Estee Lauder packaging. Like you said, you just know you're getting quality.
    The bronze shade of that lipstick is beautiful!



  3. That's a gorgeous colour lipstick. I'm looking for a deep berry for the autumn!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

  4. I love Estee Lauder! the best makeup ever <3 great post!! =)
    visit me:


  5. I love Estee Luder! your blog is fantastic.
    I would love for you to visit my blog and
    if you like it you can follow me.
    As I do with your big hug, Priscila.


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