Monday, 30 July 2012

lessons ♥

It's week two at more! magazine on the beauty desk and I've spent today running to Shu Uemura to pick up some gorgeous eyeshadows, calling PR companies for products and researching what looks the celebs are sporting. There's a giant box of fruit here and you can help yourself to all of it - no wonder why all the girls have amazing figures here! It's currently my lunch break right now, instead of spending money I don't have on food, I'm eating coronation chicken with cous cous. My mum made it - how cute ;) I cut up some carrots and put a giant blob of hummus next to them..slightly less cute. At the weekend, I finally started to read Fifty Shades of Grey (I finished it in two days - so proud of myself haha) I did actually like it. I know everyones a bit 50/50 about it (get it fifty/50?..muhaha) but I'm quite curious about the film. I hope Ian Somerhalder is cast as Christian - he would be perfect! I'm also back on my healthy diet plan, I find it so hard to not over eat! I don't think it's what I eat, its how much I eat of it... So ultimately it defeats the point of eating healthy in the first place...sigh. Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with the girls to watch Magic Mike, I am so getting nachos! Cinema food may be expensive but the nacho cheese is worth every penny. Nom, nom, nom. Also, I heard about the Kristen Stewart madness - I have never been a fan of Kristen but I am still shocked about this whole scandal, poor Rob :( How awkward will the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere be?!  Today I'm sporting my brown faux leather trousers, white strap top and white blazer - I've gone back to wearing nude lips, I think I killed the whole 60's red vibe last week..

Anyway, for today's post I wanted to look at the Susan Posnick lipstick - I know my last few posts have been pretty product based but come onnnn...they're all so pretty! ;) The shade is called Marrakech and the best way to describe it is...a dark bronze. Unfortunately I got a little bit tan happy when I took these pictures, so it basically matches my skin tone -_- Ola stupido! Moving on...I would definitely recommend this shade to anyone who wants a bronzed look but without having to do the old fashioned nude lips. I've totally killed nude lips - I've over done them. But I am really getting into bronze and brown shades - totally 90's ;) Not only do I love the packaging of this lipstick but when you put the lid on it automatically closes - like a magnet! As you can imagine, this keeps me amused most of the time. The texture of the lipstick is creamy but slightly thick - it definitely lasts a long time on your lips which is perfect for me when I'm stuck in a office all day. You can always add concealer on first then apply if you want a more subtle bronze shade - either way, it's perfect for this summer! (Not that we've really had one with all this rain...) So let me know what you think! Have you got any Susan Posnick goodies in your draw? I'm off to exercise now because I feel like I've eaten a horse today - damn you food portions! Have a good evening girls, let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to review. ♥


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  2. It sounds like you're having a fantastic time at More! I'm really jealous!

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