Thursday, 9 February 2012

Out of Sight, Out of Mind ♥

Lashes: Primark £1 Bag: River Island (Stolen from my sister muhaha) Lipstick: Natural Collection Fig Leaf £1.99 Boots: Primark £10 (on sale) Belt: Primark Shirt: Zara £16 Trousers: River Island Perfume: Britney Curious
Hi girls! I am seriously slacking in the post department at the moment, by the time I get home from the more! office, I am falling asleep on my door step. Wooops! Obviously when I get to uni, I'll have more time to give you a more detailed account of my time here. I can't believe it has been nearly two weeks since I started...I don't want to leave! I'm contemplating super gluing myself to their chairs haha. I've learnt so much! I've definitely learnt to trust my instincts more and I'm not afraid to put myself out there anymore. 2 weeks ago I didn't even like getting the train haha. I quite enjoy getting the train now...especially when people watch me eat my McDonald's - muhaha ;) I think the high point of being at more! has got to be meeting Alan Carr and actually being able to write for the magazine! Alan was lovely and incredibly funny - I asked him if he liked Britney Spears and he said he did, he likes 'Piece of me' - so proud! :) My other highlight would be Chantelle (the editor) and Louise (the deputy editor) telling me how much they loved my writing style. It means so much that they would say that because they know what they're talking about! It's safe to say that I've had a big grin on my face all week...maybe one day I will be like Jenna Rink at 'Poise' magazine! haha ;)

Bag: £25 H&M Blouse: £8 Primark Fur Coat: £85 Miss Selfridge Bangles: £9.37 Skirt: H&M £15 Lipstick: Bourjois 75 Parisienne £7.99 Boots: Shoe Zone £14

I also did a new post for the more! tumblr, I love wearing that fur coat right now! The two outfits I've put together were worn this week for work, I'm proud of myself that I haven't over worn my leather trousers too much. I feel like I'm branching out as a person by wearing other fabrics that aren't made from black plastic - I suppose this would be more convincing if you weren't reading this under a picture of the black h&m skirt... I've just finished my lunch so I'm back to sorting out the office before the TV crew comes next week. It's so nice and clean! :) I'm also helping a feature on work experience that will be in the next issue....ahhhh! :) Hope you're all okay, thank you for all your lovely comments and for following! I will reply asap and get through my emails. 


  1. Love that bag, lipstick and belt in first outfit!
    You have great blog!...following ♥
    P.S. thanks for your comment ;)

  2. Thank you! Arrr you're welcome - I love your outfit photos. You need to give me your figure! haha :) xx

  3. These outfits are so nice, as if those Boots only cost you a tenner, that is so good :) They are lovely.

    Good Luck at the rest of your More! experience, I am so jealous.

    Also I've just noticed the Vampire Diaries .gif and I am swooning slightly.

    Laura xoxo

  4. Love the blouse and tan bag! x

  5. Love the first outfit! Britney Spears - Curious is my favourite perfume! And the top and boots in outfit 2 are gorgeous!

    Love your post,
    Melissa x

  6. @Laura: Arrr thanks! I know - £10 is definitely good for the bank ;) Thanks! You should email them and ask for a placement! It's amazing here! :) They're all so lovely! Ahhh you like Vampire Diaries?! You better be team delena ;) xxx

    @kate: Thanks! It is a gorgeous bag isnt it?! xxx

    FM&B: Thank you :) Ahh same here! I always carry a Britney perfume in my bag! xxx

  7. I really want to, but live to far away from London :(
    So team Delena :) Stefan annoys me, especially in the latest series haha.


  8. Arrr how far away are you?
    Wooo thats what I like to hear! He is perfect! Yes..Stefan definitely needs to go -_- he's such a dope! haha :D

    1. Just outside off Birmingham, can't face a 4 hour round journey daily haha.
      He really is just the best character ever. He really does, he has no point any more haha.


    2. Wow, thats so far! It's unfair how most of the magazines are in London! Yep, he's amazing, perfection! I want him and Elena to get together - she is my ultimate beauty icon! xxx

  9. That Primark blouse is gorgeous! doesn't even look like Primark! going to read the tumblr post now :) xxx

  10. Loving the looks you've made, they would both look great!

  11. Kirsty: Thank you! I know, its so nice! Really good for £8. Arrrr thank you! :) xxx

    Style Servings:Thanks! I'm glad you like them :) xxx

  12. Love your blog! I love these outfits, especially the first one! Great job!

  13. love the list. soo chic!

    xx jasmine

  14. love this outfit!!

  15. Love the boots and the top! Wish we had a primark here in Canada!

  16. I need those boots! Fab post :)


  17. Great Outfits!!:)

  18. Great choices, I like the bag in set number 1! I'm a new follower now =)
    Hope you will visit my blog and maybe leave a comment about the shoes just posted

  19. OK! So, I want the boots from that first look and the skirt and the coat from the second, so so chic.

  20. Really nice outfits and combinations :)

    Lovely greetz.


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  22. Eventuell Lust auf gegenseitiges Verfolgen ?
    Wär Lieb.
    Wenn Ja , fang einfach an ich seh es ja dann.
    Ich mach dann back.
    Danke. <3
    PS : weiter so.


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