Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nice & Easy Brown Smokey Eyes ♥

Hello girls, hope your week is going well! You'll be relieved to know that I am all caught up with the Vampire Diaries - I know you were all losing sleep worrying about that ;) I always find myself slightly depressed after I finish an episode because I'm sitting there like.."Oh?..I forgot there aren't any men like Damon Salvatore. Woops, my mistake!" -_- Yes, I am turning into a bitter Bridget Jones. Don't worry I'll get back to the point before you all sign me up to Plenty of Fish.com haha ;)

This is just a quick and easy post to show you how I do my eye make up. I always try and think of Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries (surprise, surprise). To start with, apply the eye shadow from the Natural Collection Duo pot called Latte. Evenly spread this on the lid but focus on the brow bone area - this will be a highlighter. Next, take a blending brush and gently put the brown coloured shadow called Mocha in the outer corner of the eye. Make sure you blend carefully and if there is fallout from the shadow, hold a tissue under the eye. As you can see from my picture, I’ve kept the eye shadow lighter in the inner corner of my eyes.

The next step is to add the lashes, Superdrug’s 2True lashes for £1.99 are perfect for a natural look but they still add length. Then apply the liquid eye liner by Miss Sporty to make the lashes blend with your own lash line. I featured the Vaseline and brow pencil to tell you that shaping your brows is just as important when creating a smokey eye look. Gently dab a small amount of Vaseline onto the brush, and then neaten your brows. Then voila…quick and easy brown smokey eyes! Hope this short tutorial helped girls. I’ll list the products and price down below.

· Natural Collection Duo Eye shadow in Mocha/Latte £1.99
· Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liquid Liner £2.79
· Superdrug 2True Lashes £1.99
· Vaseline £1.00
· W7 Brow Brush £1.99

Oh and I would also like to show you my favourite song at the moment, no..it's not from the Vampire Diaries...Plenty of Fish here I come. ♥



  1. I love it, I do something similar but I'm going to try this look out!


    Dolled Up Daily


  2. Such a pretty song!
    And I love that eye look! I don't mess around with brown smokey eyes much anymore, but this makes me want to drag the colors out again!

  3. The Vampire Diaries - my guilty pleasure.

  4. Beautiful make-up, thanks for the tips... you have a great blog girly, filled with ideas and inspiration; i'm your newest follower, look forward to reading lots more... you can check me out here-


    best wishes to you


  5. Love love love Vampire Diaries. Can't wait for tomorrow night!

  6. Nicole: Thanks! I think my eyebrows are in need of some shaping though ;) hahaa ♥

    Haylee: Arrr I'm glad you like it! Let me know how it comes out :) ♥

    Britt: I know, his voice is amazing! :) Ohhh you should definitely never turn your back on brown smokey eyes! :O Tell me how it goes! :) ♥

    Tereza: Same here ;) I want to see episode 10 already!! :( ♥

    Miss Raj: Thank you so much! :) I love your blog as well! I'm following :) ♥

    Christine: I'm so jealous! I have to wait until Friday night! :( ♥

    Thanks for all your comments girls! Let me know if I've missed out on following your blogs! 0=] xoxo

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