Thursday, 5 January 2012

Clueless T-Shirts & Birthdays ♥

Instead of eating healthy like I said I would, I am currently eating a biscuit. Scrap that - I have been eating biscuits, lots and lots of them. I found an unopened biscuit collection from Christmas and sadly, I have been stuffing my face for 30 minutes. At this point in time, I regret nothing. Remind me not to complain tomorrow? haha ;) I hope your week is going okay girls! I know most of you are either back at work, school or uni. I'm back at uni next week..I'm slightly 50/50 about getting back to the routine of eating super noodles and living in the library again... I do love doing my journalism work though, I just love writing! :) Anyway, before I start my usual rambling, I just wanted to tell you what I've been up to this week. It was my sister Rebekah's 18th birthday yesterday so we had a nice meal (a wide variety of seafood) and then she opened her presents.

She got a Pandora bracelet from my mum and dad and a few other little bits. I bought Rebekah my speciality - Britney perfume and lots and lots of make up ;) haha. I love the bracelet that my mum got her because it has a little 18 charm on it. I bought Rebekah Britney's Cosmic Radiance perfume and it smells gorgeous! Subconsciously I may have just bought it for Rebekah so I could then steal it..I don't think she'll let me carry out this idea though.

My plans for this weekend consist of going shopping to help find my sister a birthday dress, then going out for drinks with the girls later, blogging, eating and attempting to exercise. I also wanted to tell you about my new obsession - T-SHIRTS! ♥ Do not ask me why, but I have only discovered how great it looks wearing a basic T-Shirt with my tight jeans or leather trousers. I found a website called Truffle Shuffle that sells hundreds of T-Shirts and these are my favourites. The Britney one is from Forever 21 :) We all know how addicted I am to Buffy so I will be getting this top..and also the Britney one. I already have a Batman T-Shirt don't worry ;) Let me know what your favourite one is! ♥



  1. I love truffle shuffle, can spend hours and hours on tha site. Im loving the beauty school drop out t, im a big Grease fan haha x x

  2. I like the Beauty School Drop Out one hehe! I love plain t-shirts too and last year Zara had this sale where there were all these kind of retro print t-shirts. I swear, I bought about 7. Cannot get enough haha! :)x

  3. Ahh I love the Clueless top! So cute. This makes me want to get a few more charms for my Pandora..don't think my bank balance will approve! x

  4. Ah i love the clueless tee.. truffle shuffle is so cool :)

  5. Love truffle shuffle. Got my bro a top from there for xmas, and thats also where I get some of my Michael Jackson tops. hehe
    Btw, your wee sisters bracelet is gorgeous. I love Pandora. I got one for my 18th too, but its only now that im 20 that ive started to wear it. lol

  6. lovely post <3

    now following you! follow back hun?

  7. Ahhhhh this is so great! i love your blog! you have fantastic taste!
    Keep it up :)
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    thank you!

  8. the bracelet is adorable.

    check out my blog? I always follow back <3

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. hey
    Loving the Pandora bracelet!!

    just found ur blog,had to follow!

  11. I'm currently scoffing some almond thins so I'm glad I'm not the only one binging on leftover Christmas biscuits! Hahaaa

    You have a cute blog :) thank you very much for following mine!

  12. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  13. Love the second t-shirt ! :) Cute blog

  14. love all the t-shirs! I don't a mind a t-shirt with a leather jacket and skinnies, such an easy outfit :)
    love your blog!


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