Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rihanna, Baileys & Primark Shopping ♥

Right now I am drinking Baileys from a children's Ikea cup..I've never had Baileyss before but apparently it can help cure a sore throat. We all know I have been ill this week so I thought I would try this experiment. As far as I can tell, my throat is still sore but I am starting to feel slightly tipsy.. Note to self: Maybe I should just stick to Lemsips?

I feel today's trip to Lakeside shopping centre has made me a tad tired but the Nando's courtesy from my dad, was definitely worth the long trip. After being pushed by an old lady while looking through a clothing rail in River Island, I gave up on looking at the sale items. It's all a little too crazy for me...So I ended up with these lovely non sale items. Aren't they pretty? :) As usual, I found myself drawn to buying Primark items, but I'm going to do a Missguided online shop in a bit. The bag was only £9.00 and I love it! My mum and sister thought I bought it from River Island ;) The T-shirt was marked £3.00 but on the till it said £1 - not too shabby.

Now I have been dying to buy a new pair of jeans that are very basic and these £9.00 jeans do the job perfectly. I'll have to take a picture wearing all of them together! The shoes were randomly in Primark for £6.00 instead of £16.00 - Yes please! They'll look great with the jeans and top. Finally, I bought Rihanna's new perfume for £17. Reb’l Fleur smells amazing and I'm having trouble deciding whether I prefer my Britney Midnight Fantasy or this... What do you think?! Oh and I still haven't found a NYE dress..I'm starting to panic! Crap, crap, crap. I'm running into town tomorrow to have a final look otherwise...well let's just say Anna Wintour won't approve ;) Have you got your NYE dress sorted?


  1. Oh sorry to hear about your sore throat, I've actually heard Hot Toddies are good for it too and I hope the Bailey's helps. The new jeans your want sound great, and I really like those black platforms.
    Great post,


  2. I love the Rihanna perfume!!! Come check out my new post :)

    xo Emma

  3. You have the exact same perfume taste as me!! I got tons of my usual Britney spears -fantasy, curious & circus & got the Reb'l Fleur gift set this year too. I love it!! It makes a change its more floraly. Hope you had a great Christmas hun xxx

  4. Those shoes are amazing!! And I never even knew that Rihanna came out with a perfume, it sounds lovely.



  5. Why do people (mainly ladies) turn into crazy wild beasts at the mention of the word 'sales'... I have to say I avoid the sales like the plague. Lovely shoes though. X

  6. Ahhh I got those shoes about a month ago, so annoyed how cheap they are now! They were a bargain at £16 but now I could have bought like 4 pairs haha




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