Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Missguided, Boots & Christmas Time! ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are having a good Christmas holiday - sorry that I've been an absent blogger this month. Saying I've been swamped with uni essays is an understatement but I'm finally all done! My dad picked me up on Friday and we had some Nandos, can you believe that he had never had Nandos before that?! I think I'm still in shock! It's nice being back home in London for a change, plus having food that my mums cooked isn't too shabby either ;) Right now I am wrapped up in bed watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall with a large amount of strawberry Ribena. Russell Brand is on my screen right now - he's very lickable isn't he?

I received a little parcel from the lovely Missguided team on Friday, that included a Thank you/Christmas card and a gorgeous red nail polish and lip gloss. The nail polish is called MissUnderstood and I've been wearing it for almost a week now and it hasn't even chipped. Hurrah! I usually have terrible luck with finding a nail polish that doesn't chip within 5 seconds... I was also doing a little browsing on Missguided's website today and I found some boots that look exactly like the Jeffrey Campbell Lita ones! The different being the £79.01 price ;) I think they look gorgeous - you could definitely do some serious catwalk struts with these bad boys. Let me know if you've recently bought them!


  1. Lucky you for receiving the card, lipgloss and nail varnish! :-D. I need need need a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's in my life! I have been toying with the idea of buying a fake pair before I can get the funds for the real deal! The missguided ones are lovely! xx

  2. Love those boots very stylish

  3. the replica of the litas on missguided are so good!
    Thanks for sharing, great post:)


  4. thanks to follow me. I also follow you in return. I really like your blog.. :-) cool.. Talk to you later..


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