Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Britney, Batman & Little Christmas Trees ♥

Hello girls, this week has consisted of me buying Britney's greatest hits on DVD, Tim Burton's 1989 Batman and two Ben & Jerry's - heaven! I've been having a serious catch up session with my Sex and the City box set and I can't express how much I love Samantha Jones. Girl power I bought these wedged boots from Primark for only £15. Not too shabby and they are very comfy :) I finally finished all of my university blog, the website is here if you fancy following ;) I bought this giant eye shadow palette for the MUA from Superdrug and it is amazing! I love the bronze colours in it. I finally came home to see this tiny Christmas tree in my looks very chic next to James Dean. Oh and finally here is my healthy breakfast for today!

I'm just about to watch the film Trust with my sister and she is giving me 'the look' when she wants me to hurry up with my blog post for today..I'm tempted to write another one to annoy her..muhaha. I believe I am going out shopping tomorrow to get some bits and bobs because I'm going Tiger Tiger in Croydon. I haven't been there in ages, so hopefully it will be fun. I'll make sure to post the outfit that I wear..If only I had money to buy a brand new one! *sigh* Has anyone got any exciting plans for the weekend? I can't believe how fast December has gone....I hope you are all having a good week girls! 4 days until Christmas! :O


  1. Excellent blog, well done:) ...please look!

  2. Them boots look gorgeous! Can't believe there from primark!

  3. Yaaay cool Blog!!!

    LoveLoveLove, Dilara from


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