Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Winter Wonderland ♥

Hello girls, hope you are all well! I've had such a good weekend..mainly because it was Halloween time! My french maid costume didn't come in time (It still hasn't actually -_-) so I ended up going as Wonder Woman. I had so much fun! We decorated the house and made it all spooky putting black bin bags everywhere. I even made a Halloween playlist and because it was at my house I could play Britney Spears to my hearts content. I've been in uni since 1 today and it's not half 8 - I'm just glad I had a break to dress up as Wonder Woman. (So easily pleased) 
What other interesting things have happened? I've been stuck doing uni work all today, looking at Roland Barthes theory on photographic analysis. It really is as exciting as it sounds.. I also got this months Glamour today and it came with a free Nails Inc. nail polish! I got Basil Street, which is such a gorgeous nude shade. The December issue was fabulous as usual and it's got me all excited for Christmas! Which is usually rare for me because last Christmas I was home alone, defrosting chicken in the microwave and watching Die Hard on my laptop. I have never felt more like Bridget Jones in my life. 

Anyway, back on topic. This month's Glamour featured quite a few glitter & sequin party items, so I thought I'd look around and see what else there was. My favourite item has to be number 7. The H&M skirt is only £14.99, not to shabby. I don't know why but I think that the sequin and glitter trend goes perfectly with Winter. It makes everything seem a bit more "Winter Wonderland". I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I'm really excited for snow and Christmas crackers.

Tell me what your favourite items are and what your most excited about for winter! 


  1. Awww hope you have a better christmas this year! I love the purple ring and glitter polish but it's always a bitch to get off. That skirt is an amazing price. I love christmas crackers too, I secretly love wearing a paper christmas hat. I've said too much.x

  2. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I'm in love with MAC's paint, super bright, the rings are so cute and I love the last sweater again brilliant:)

  3. I hope my December Glamour comes this it won't come with a polish, though. -_- I love glitter!

  4. I am a HUGE Britney fan as well! I was her for Halloween actually. Anyway, I love the sparkly tank and the white sparkly heels as well as the two-toned skirt and the dress~

  5. Omg so excited to come across your blog. It is gorgeous. I especially love this glitter post!!

    I think you'll like my blog.

    Want to follow each other?

    Xox Soph

  6. ahah so much glitter gotta love being a girl :D My favourites are those bow earnings and the gorgeous big ring!!:D
    What i'm must exited for the winter is to wear my warm clothes and Christmas break quite honestly :P i love uni but gosh am i tired :P

  7. My Glamour issue did come, with no polish : )

    Want to let you know I've moved to
    Please follow there!


  8. I think I want everything in it! Everything sparkly is <3!


  9. What a stunning concoction! I want!! our taste is indeed similar!


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