Tuesday, 11 October 2011

When You're Around Me, I'm Radioactive ♥

Hello girls, hope your week is going good. I've just had 2 hours of lectures today, my hand hurts from writing so much. I'm out of uni shape haha :) I made sure to put the photos on my memory stick this morning! It's nothing fancy, but I love how my trouser collection is growing. Tuesday's outfit is pretty basic, the crop top is from Topshop for £8.00 and the trousers were £12 from Primark and so was the blazer. I really don't want to stop wearing sandals even though I know it's Autumn..I miss summer :( The nude bag is from USC..It goes well with pretty much every outfit I've got!

For the secound outfit, you should all know the leather pants by now ;) £14.99 from H&M and again I'm wearing the Topshop cropped vest top and sandals. Definite sign I need to stop wearing summer clothes and accept that autumn is now here.. It's not like I'm wearing them in the snow though! haha :)

A Glamour magazine editor is coming to our uni to give a guest lecture so I'm really excited for that! I love hearing about their expereince! I just want to finish off telling you about Marina and the Diamonds song "Radioactive" I love it. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

When you're around me I'm Radioactive
My blood is burning Radioactive
I'm turning Radioactive
My blood is Radioactive
My heart is nuclear Love is all that
I fear Ready to be let down, now
I'm heading for a meltdown.



  1. great outfit!!! and such a great song! I LOVE Marina and the Diamonds <3


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Your outfits are gorgeous! I bought some leather trousers the other day, however unfortunately, they make me look like a 64 year old man called Buddy, who has a bit of a PVC fetish. I can assure you that you are totally working this look though! Very envious!

    Happy Tuesday! :) xXx

  3. I love your leather pants! You bagged a good bargain for your crop top, it's pretty. Who cares if it's autumn! As long as it's not snowing, sandals are fine aha xx

  4. You look so lovely :) I know how feel being out of sync with uni, I have a headache everytime I come back home haha!

  5. this outfit is so gorgeous!
    style conscious & sexy ! (:

    xoxo Olja

  6. @LoveFayexoxo: Thanks hun :) I know! Her voice is amazing..I feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to me sing her songs..haha ;) x

    @Kathy: Thank you :) Arrr I'm sure you looked lovely! Atleast change Buddy to a woman so you can be a GILF. Everyone wants to be a GILF! ;) x

    @Jessica: Thanks mrs :) Haa hopefully my friends will stop me from leaving the house if it's 3ft snow..At least I hope they would..haha :) x

    @Holly: Arrr thank you :) Mmmm same here! But atleast when we're home, we get home cooked meals! :) x

    @Olja: Thanks hun! :) Love your blog layout! x

  7. Love the outfit! The whole look is supremely high fashion and to think how you put it together you get two thumbs up! The hair completes the look


  8. YOu look great! Love the leather jeans!

  9. Great outfit. Perfect fall colors!


  10. LOVE those leather trousers! cant believe their H&M! I need to goooo! xxx

  11. Cool look & nice song! ^^

    Your little prize from my giveaway is on its way now, the packaging isn't very pretty because of all the labels & tape I had to put there - but I hope you like what's inside. ^^

    xx indie by heart

  12. So cute love this song hahaha

  13. Love your style! Love your blog! Love you! Your blog is my new obsession :D <3


  14. Aaaah, I miss H&M~. There used to be one at a nearby mall where I used to live, but there aren't any in this area where I live now. X_X

  15. have no idea how i came across your blog but i love it, kept me well entertained! :) im also living in southampton and studying at solent!

    loooving your leather look trousers, i would never think about picking them up in a shop but youve inspired me to hunt some down now, although not sure theyd look as good on me as they do you!

    http://kittyconsidine.blogspot.com xx

  16. your hair is lovely! i love the colour. those trousers look really good on you <3

  17. Love that asymmetrical top of yours! Flowy and fit for a warm summer night ;)

    your blog is so adorable! So glad I stumbled upon it!


  18. i'm so glad im not the only one who still wears sandals in October :)
    like Grace said above, i'm so glad i've come across your blog :) xo

  19. Randomly Stumbled across your blog and loved these shots so thought id Leave a comment and follow you :)



  20. @Siddy: Thank you! I've never really considered my style to be high fashion so thank you for making me smile! :) x

    @Amanda: Thank you so much :) They are amazing aren't they?! Still can't get over how cheap they were! x

    @HeyDahye: Thanks your right, they are quite Autumn inspired colours actually :) x

    @Abi: I know! I think they're on sale on the H&M website! x

    @Indie by heart: I got the ring the over day! It's gorgeous! I haven't taken it off since, thank you so much hun :) x

    @RAW: I know, it's a pretty amazing song, it's been overplayed in my house haha :) x

    @Heather: Ahh thank you so much! :) It really makes me smile when people read my blog! i still feel like I'm just talking to myself most of the time haha :) x

    @Tereza: I know! Really comfortable as well :) x

    @Alyssa: Ahhh you don't have a H&M in your life! That's the most depressing thing I've heard all week :( x

    @Kitty Arrr really?! What are you studying? Thank you 0=] I'm they would do! Leather pants should be in every girls wardrobe this season ;) Let me know if you find any! :) x

    @Sophie: Thank you so much! I think it's a bit all over the place at the moment..In need of a trim! haha :) x

    @Grace: Arrr thanks! It is lovely and warm for summer! I always wore it with hot pants haha :) x

    @BabyFace: Wow, you've actually made me feel so much better for still wearing sandals! Ahhh thank you so much, I'm glad you like reading it :) x

    @Danny: Thanks for your comment Danny, I just looked at your blog! It's lovely. I'm following you back :) x

  21. love the trousers! And thank you for your lovely comment.
    Following you back :)


  22. Found your blog today and def a follower now... lovin your style and this outfit! :) Have a great weekend!

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