Monday, 10 October 2011

What's In My Make Up Bag? ♥

Hello girls, hope you've all had a good weekend. I spent yesterday watching Buffy again and Grease 2. Yes..the '2' part isn't a typo. I watched the disaster Grease sequel by choice and it gets worse, I have a crush on the lead T Bird in it - Johnny Nogerelli. Someone help me. 
Anyway, I thought I'd do an updated 'What's in my make up bag' today because well..I take pride in showing off my new Asda bag. Yep, this leopard print pencil case, which is now my make up bag, is only £1.00. 
These are just my essential beauty bits that I cannot leave the house without. I think my favourite thing in my make up bag is the Volume Million Lashes Mascara. I seriously have the shortest eyelashes imaginable so to find a mascara that makes them look like false lashes is very faint worthy for me. Not that I want anyone to faint when they see my eyelashes...

I'd just to mention how cheap everything is in here..Being a poor student has reduced my cosmetic spending habits so I can now longer indulge in Estée Lauder. 

I always wear brown eyeshadow, I just use Natural Collection from Boots which is only £1.99. I love it! I think I've mentioned this particular shadow in a post before. I've got a little trick for how I do my eyes though..ready? Instead of using sticky tape on the corner of my eyes, I just hold a finger at the edge of my eyelid and this helps create a straight line for my eyeshadow. It makes it look nice and neat. 
I'll just tell you what tips and tricks I do for my make up...I'm sure make up artists will scowl if they read this though.

I also had an outfit post for you today, but I don't know how to put my memory card thingy in this MAC..stupid technology.  

♥ very lightly use a matte brown eyeshadow to contour my cheeks and forehead. 

 I put red lip liner in the corner of my eyes to make them appear brighter - Marilyn Monroe did this apparently.

 To make my nose look shorter, I only contour it half way. 

 I use hairspray to set my make up on once I've finished it. Remember to keep your eyes closed ;)

I'm adding all of these amazing colours to my wish list - I just need to plant my money tree first..
I also had an outfit post for you today, but I don't know how to put my memory card thingy in this MAC..stupid technology. Anyone got any tips and tricks they'd like to share and what is the one beauty product you cannot live without? Hopefully the outfit post for today will be all done by tomorrow girls! 


  1. Great post! I’m a new follower, check out my blog Makeup Majesty if you’re interested!

  2. Great post, really enjoyed this post! My tip is to use eye brightening eye drops to make your eyes look awake and white! It makes such a difference! x

  3. Loved this :) great selection of products!!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. OH I LOVE that million Lash mascara!

  5. red lip liner in the corner? huh, never heard of this but you better believe i am trying it right after I write this! have you seen one of the new mac collection's pictures? the girl has red eye liner on- love what you did with the blog! nice and wide! let me know when that $$ tree starts flowering...i mean, moneying- ill send yah my address if you would be so kind to help a fellow blogger out! haha

  6. @Makeup Majesty: Thanks hun! I'm following your blog now :) x

    @Corrie: Thankyou :) Arrr really? I've never tried eye drops before, I've always wanted to though. x

    @LoveFayexoxo: Arrr thank you :) I love your blog! x

    @Amanda Hill: I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's amazing! :) x

    @Erica J: I know! It's pretty weird but I heard that Marilyn did it. My friends saw me do it yesterday and they gave me a concerned look haha. I just googled it! <3 MAC! Arrr thanks :) Haa don't worry I will..Imagine how much MAC we could buy with our money trees haha ;) x

    @Tereza: Thanks hun! :) I love your latest post :) x

  7. thanks so much for following :)

    great post! i love nude delight too, its one of my faves!:)xx


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