Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back To Uni Outfits ♥

Hello girls, I hope you are all doing okay and having a fabulous start to the weekend!
I'm officially going back to Southampton for uni on the 18th now and I cannot wait. I haven't packed anything up at home just yet but I'm not looking forward to sorting everything out...Sigh.

Anyway, I wanted to do a nice 'Back to Uni' post just for anyone who's also going back and to those of you who are just starting! I can't believe it's my last year :(

This outfit is nice and simple but it's perfect for this weather at the moment. That's the one thing I hate about September/October..and just winter in general, I find it a nightmare to still feel stylish while wearing a giant coat and woolly scarf -_-
Does anyone else have this problem?!

This is just a little selection from Paperchase that I thought would be essential for going back to Uni.
 Panda highlighter's are definitely practical and cute ;)

Tell me if anyones starting up uni this month!



  1. I ♥ the Newlook-boots ! ^^ Cute panda-pens too hihh! :>


  2. I love the booties.

  3. I love what you've chosen :) Paperchase stuff is just too cute.
    I'm back to uni at the end of the month too! I know what you mean about staying stylish. Autumn isn't so bad, but it's so hard in the bitter cold winter!

    xo Samantha Grace

  4. Ah lovely outfit, I'm from Southampton too and at uni too there! I know what you mean about winter, I've tried to buy a more fashionable winter coat though so I don't feel so lumpy! I love summer so much more! x

  5. Thanks for your comments girls! :) x

    Indie: I know...the New Look boots are pretty amazing. They do them in beige too! x

    Cynthi: Yep they are deffo a must have! Not too bad for only £39.99 x

    Samantha: Arrr thanks Samantha! Yes, you can't go wrong with Paperchase. Makes going back to uni a tiny bit more fun ;) Yep, especially when my nose looks like Rudolph’s when it's the slightest bit cold. Fantastic haha x

    Corrie: Thanks hun, oh really? Are you at Solent or Southampton? Yes, I definitely think it's all about the coat! I need to start looking for one! Yes…I miss summer already :( x

  6. aaah love your accessories they are so cute! I love the outfit too but find it hard to run around in heeled booties and just opt for lower heeled ones.

    I know what you mean about feeling stylish in winter. I tend to were a bright coloured coat(magenta) and a faux fur stole for added glamour. Primark have some really nice cape coats atm that are very stylish.


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