Friday, 16 September 2011

Autumn Outfit #1 ♥

River Island (Old) £49.99

Hello girls, I hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend. I am currently sitting at a table doing uni research while doing this post..on a Friday night. Alone.
Talk about lonely soup for one ay? haha :)

Anyway, for me personally I find it so hard to find things to wear for the winter. Summer for me is pretty much denim hot pants, vest tops and a pair of Ray Bans.

But winter..Eurgh don't get me started. If I don't wear enough I look like Rudolph but if I wear too much I look like an see my predicament here?

So I've come up with a formula for myself...

Black heeled boots + Tight leather type jeans + Fitted coat (Possibly military style)
One Rudolph free nose for Jade.

I'm going to try and post a variety of Autumn outfits because I know it will help some of you (& certainly me) when it comes to remembering what looks good and practical for when it gets colder.

Man I miss summer already..



  1. VERY CUTE! I LOVE the jacket and leather pants!!

    Little Petite

  2. very cute outfit! I love the jacket and top

  3. I really want those shoes and pants!

  4. the pants & the boots are amazing ! love it ;)

    xoxo Olja

  5. Thanks for all your comments girls :)
    I know..I really wish I could afford the pants! Any excuse to wear leather pants and not look like I'm trying to be cast in Buffy haha :)..although..I don't think I'd mind that 0=]



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