Friday, 5 August 2011

Zebra Stilettos & Hula Hoops ♥

Hello girls, aren't you glad it's the weekend?!
I know I am! :) I was saw an article today about the gorgeous Kelly Brook and I had to make an inspired outfit look for it. I think I did a pretty good match!..All we need now is the hula hoop ;)
I think my favourite item of this outfit has to be the zebra court platforms. They remind me of Louboutin's - but minus the price tag.
Kelly recently got voted the best bikini body out of 2,000 celebrity's and I love that! It's really refreshing to see a women with real curves, who is proud to show them off!
Oh and I had my spray tan today! I'll do a post this week about it in detail, but I loved it! I'm going lovely and dark already. I fear this might start to become an addiction hahaa ;)


  1. Love those shorts, their amazing!

  2. I love those pieces especially those shorts!

  3. Love the shoes! You can never go wrong with zebra print.

  4. Hey Jade!
    I like the shirt! :D

  5. love the shoes :) nice blog ,i like it ..hope you have a look on my blog too :)

  6. love those shorts and your blog :)
    follow you, follow back? :)

  7. Arrrr thanks for all the comments girls!

    This outfit is pretty yummy isn't it?

    I need those zebra heels!

    I'm following you all now :)

  8. Love the zebra print shoes. I love animal print but how much is too much?

  9. They are gorgeous aren't they?

    I think the saying "everything in moderation" applies to animal print.

    You just need to learn to balance out patterns with simple colours.


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