Saturday, 13 August 2011

Scarlett Hearts Jewellery ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are all having a good weekend :)
I just wanted to do this post about the website Scarlett Hearts. They are an independent boutique, that sell jewellery and accessories which are handmade.

I am officially in love! I have never seen such a friendly website that doesn't make me feel like I'm shopping from a generated robot
They definitely quench all your jewellery and accessory thirst. From vintage style necklaces to flower themed hair clips. They've got you covered ;) I got sent this necklace to me this morning and it's called "deer me".

Isn't it adorable?! Bambi It's only £5.00 as well!

That brings me to the other reason I am in love with this company.
The price -there's little of it.
The starting price for a necklace is a small amount of £3.00. Yep - you heard me!
Lets just say, that it has made me one happy poor university student!
Not only that, but they sent my necklace straight away! Now that's service with a smile ;)

Here are some of my favourite items on Scarlett Hearts:

Why don't you have a visit a tell me what you find? :)

Oh and if you'd like me to look at your website or product etc, then email me at


  1. That is so cute and I love the keep calm and carry on ones.


  2. Awwwww so cute, i love finding cheap websites, eBay is my god.

  3. awww that keychain is too cute!! love those heart earings as well!!

  4. oh my i love that necklace!! you cant beat bambi!!! xx

  5. Love this website!!

  6. definitely looking there for hair accessories for my first day of freshman year in high school :) xoxo

  7. definitely checking this out! x

  8. That's so cute !


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