Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Honey, I'm Home! ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are all okay, I'm finally back home from Spain. It was amazing! I cannot get over the fact that I don't look like Casper the ghost. I'm going to try really hard to look after this tan of mine, I'm exfoliating everyday and applying a hell of a lot of moisturiser so hopefully, it will last! :)

I recently won £15 of River Island vouchers from the fabulous Rachel who owns Life of a Sweetaholic. I never win anything, so I am still in shock haha :) I'm not sure what I'm going to buy yet..I really want some going out shorts.

Anyway, I made this outfit today after seeing all the new season Autumn/Winter collections in the shops. If I'm honest, I don't want summer to go :(

But, I really like this look. It's still very Hollywood even though it's covered up and hello, leather pants!..Very American ;)

& I researched the newest beauty trends for this Autumn and according to Marie Claire, light pink lips are making a comeback this season. I found this L'Oreal shade in Tickled Pink. Isn't it cute?!

I have quite a few emails, so I will get back to you once I get through them all.
I'm excited to catch up on my reading on your blogs as well :)


  1. I abso love those leather trouser thingys!((: haha

  2. I want everything! So excited for A/W :) x

  3. love everything about this look!

  4. Great Fall/Winter picks. I adore the feathery/fur vest and leather pants.


  5. love this entire palette of visuals! awesome.

  6. Welcome home :) glad you have had a wonderful holiday. Thank you for the mention and I hope you manage to buy some nice clothes with the vouchers!! The outfit you have put together is stunning, style me!! xxx

  7. so pretty :) im a new follower, looking forward to your posts :) Xx

  8. Hey girl, thanks for following ♥

    I always follow back my readers.

    Gorgeous blog dear!

    xx indie by heart


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