Wednesday, 13 July 2011

& Then There Were 3..

Good evening girls! I hope you've all had a nice productive day...unlike me who has been eating Walkers crisps all afternoon. Why do I do this to myself?! One packet should be enough Jade!

Anyway..I was just on the Daily Mail website and saw my favourite trio of the Girls Aloud group, (From left, Kimberly, Cheryl and Nicola), how amazing do they look?!
It's quite odd that they all wore these jeans around the same time too..Very girl group power!

I snooped around a few clothing websites and Miss Guided satisfied my fashion stalking urge.

I think my favourite look out of the three is Nicola's -I'm a huge leather jacket groupie.
At only £26.99, that's not too shabby!

What is your favourite colour?


  1. I have to agree with you there- Nicolas look is my favourite too! xx

  2. I love all the looks above!! I'm really loving the colored denim look : )

    XOXO, CC

  3. i'm loving the green!!


  4. I think Nicola's look is best too :) Although i love Cheryl's green but i'd never be able to pull that colour off haha! xx

  5. I love these looks! I doubt I'd be able to pull them off as well as Cheryl though! x

  6. Hannah: I know! She looks amazing..I'm very jealous ;) ?

    Miss Cupcake: Yeah, they all pull off the coloured denim look so well! ?

    Elisabeth: Yep, they are gorgeous! I want to find a darker green pair from Missguided though :(

    Jessica: Nicola has such a unique style. I want that outfit!

    Corrie: I know, dark green jeans are pretty risky! Is there NOTHING that Cheryl can't work?! hahaa :)

    Thanks for reading this post girls! :)


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