Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Diet Tips ♥

I've been getting a few emails about how I stay in shape so I came up with this little blog post ;) Now I am no where near an expert on keeping healthy but I do make sure it a priority.

I'm 5'5 and currently 8 stone.
I do a hour on the trampoline every night - my neighbours hate me.
I also take my dog to the woods for half an hour.
I should focus on my stomach because it is far from flat but..I hate sit ups with a passion!!
I don't drink fizzy drinks and if I do it's a small glass. Fizzy drinks make me pretty bloated because of the sugar. I drink lots of milk and water though.
I'm pretty bad at having breakfast..I always skip it! But when I do, I make sure I add fruit to it.
Lunch is probably couscous or a sandwich and dinner is whatever my mum makes. I'm pretty lucky because my mum cooks quite a lot of healthy food.

Anyway before I get to my little tips, I just wanted to show you how I do my couscous.

You will need:
A mix of vegetables (Up to you what you want)
Lime/lemon juice
Virgin olive oil
Garlic puree
A tiny bit of soy sauce (Optional)

Put the couscous in a bowl
Add boiling water so it covers all of it, then put a tea towel over it.
Cut up all your vegetables and after 5 minutes get your couscous.
Add the olive oil first then mix in the rest of the salt and etc.
Then mix all the vegetables in and voila!

The best thing about this is it can leave you full for hours and won't make you crave anything else.

My little tips are:

♥ Eat everything in moderation
♥ Drink as much water as you can
♥ Add fruit & vegetables to everything!
♥ Keep as active as possible
♥ I always keep pictures of celebrity figures I like - that way it makes me think twice before ordering everything from Pizza Hut..for just myself 0=]
Do dance work out videos - I love them! Pump it up by the Ministry of sound is great!
♥ Don't eat anything too heavy before you're about to go to bed
♥ Remember that you don't need to change your size for anyone.
♥ Being stick thin isn't everything - I'd still rather be a nice person on the inside too :)

Let me know if you have any diet tips!



  1. That looks so yummy, I may have to try this myself! Great tips :) xxx

  2. I love cous cous sooo much, so gorgeous xx

  3. This is such great advice.I have to say I have to work on my abdomen too and I hate sit ups with passion as well :P

  4. great tips and the cous cous looks yummy! I have been trying to do 50 sit ups/ab crunches each night as I can't face the 30 day shred atm! x

  5. this looks DELISH!!!!!! and super healthy ;) just the way i like xo

  6. Great tips! Coincidentally someone on Facebook asked earlier for diet tips- I'll be sending this page their way! (and also saving them for myself!) xxx

  7. I love this dish
    Is so good


  8. Great salat! Will make it one day :)

  9. This is such a useful post, I was thinking yesterday I should eat more cous cous as its good for you, but I never knew what to put with it so thanks very much xx


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