Thursday, 2 June 2011

River Island Wish List ♥

Okay so I was thinking to myself, if I had 2 minutes to pick 6 items from the fabulous River Island website, what would I pick?
Here's my little collection of I sneaked in that cute little "Love" bracelet to make it 7...what?! It finishes the outfit okayyyy?!

Anyway..I love, love, love this outfit. Seeing as the whole "block colour" trend is totally in this season, I think River Island is doing pretty well in that department.
These picks are just perfect for summer and will definitely make heads turns..but hopefully not because your wearing the yellow bikini down the high street..lets leave that pick just for the beach ;)

I've included the links to each item to make it easier for you to stalk.

b. bag

Happy hunting!


  1. great picks! looks like you need my staff discount ;) xo

  2. Love all these bright colours!! xxx

  3. I love the playsuit! So gorgeous :) x

  4. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really love to see some of your opinions on it. :)

    follow me?

  5. Ooooo this is making me want to go shopping/ on holiday!


  6. Arrr I'm glad you liked the things I picked out! Maybe one day RI will feel generous and donate clothes to us? ;)

    Thanks for reading my crazy ramblings girls ♥
    I'm following you all! =]
    xx <3


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