Friday, 10 June 2011

Me? Stalking Cheryl Cole Outfits' Again?...Never!

I just found out that Cheryl Cole is auctioning off some of her dresses to raise money for her new charity. I wish I could afford all of them! She has such amazing dress sense (even though she has a stylist), but the point is...I want her wardrobe. Who wouldn't?

Although..if I'm being honest, I would like her figure to go with all her clothes. I don't think I'd fit into some of her outfits. But a girl can dream right?
I don't think any of these dresses are included in the auction, but here are some of my favourite Cheryl outfits.

Not to everyones liking, but I ♥ it!

This dress reminds me of Minnie Mouse 0=]

Isn't she gorgeous?! Shiny legs too ;)

Sophisticated, yet sexy.

What's your favourite Cheryl Cole outfit?!


  1. I like the 3rd! She's so gorgeous!!

    XOXO, CC

  2. I know the outfits are amazing! I wish there was a high street versions of them =[

    Thanks for your comments girls!

  3. Oh, i heard about the auction, i'm as gutted as you :( I think i like the last one the best x


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