Wednesday, 1 June 2011

FHM: "Pass the sick bucket"

Now, I know that I usually ramble on about the obvious side of the fashion industry, but seeing as I want to be a fashion/beauty journalist I think I need to start featuring more feature related blog posts as well as my usual updates on clothing and cosmetics. I want to write about things that really touch on the latest debates and controversies in the fashion industry and how it affects our everyday society.

I was reading the Daily Mail earlier and I spotted the headline "Pass the sick bucket" with a picture of a beautiful model. I was slightly confused at first, as to why this breath taking woman had this tag line above her. As I read the story, I learnt that this "woman" was in fact a man and had been entered at 98th of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women.  Andrej Pejic was born in August 1991 and raised in Australia, where he was scouted while working in McDonald's.

Andrej Pejic on the catwalk, for Jean Paul Gaultier show.
All images and quotes belong to Daily Mail & FHM.

This isn't what the main story is about though, the issue raised in the Daily Mail, was how the FHM team described the model.

'Designers are hailing him as the next big thing,' says FHM 'We think "thing" is quite accurate.'

After verbally harassing Pejic, FHM then continued to humiliate him by commenting on his aspirations to join Victoria Secret. "He hopes one day to be a Victoria Secret model (Pass the sick bucket). Well, he might have a hard time keeping it a secret then."

After reading this article, I am actually shocked and disgusted at how the writer at FHM has a problem with a male model being in their FHM list (which in my opinion is patronising and degrading for women anyway), but yet they never comment on the issue of how the images they publish of women affect the out look of female body image.

They are the reason why girls feel the need to starve themselves to be socially acceptable and to feel attractive to men. I don't understand how this FHM writer can criticise a beautiful model who is creating a successful career for himself but yet not say anything about how women are degraded and sold as simply sex objects in their magazines.

It drives me crazy how society has been forced to accept the role women have to play in the male magazine industry and how it would seem odd and strange to challenge this role.
I don't know whether it's because I'm tired or need something to eat, but after reading that article it made me so angry.

Basically, that particular FHM writer was saying that you don't have the right to be comfortable in your own skin, as long as your the correct gender and half naked in a padded bra?

I just think men magazines need a reality check when it comes to them judging what is beautiful or not.


  1. When I saw the picture I couldn't tell that the model was born a man.

    What gives them the right to make someone feel uncomfortable in their own skin. It will take years for girls and an increasing number of boys that try to 'fix' themselves in the most devastating ways.

  2. Very well written!! i would agree with everything and is why women are continuously striving for perfection whatever that is!!

  3. hello, thank you for following my blog. It is nice to see another southern girl. Im from portsmouth :)

    Love your blog.

    Emma x.x.x


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