Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wonder Woman, Hair Dye & A Whole Lot Of Johnson's ♥

Hi girls, I totally got confused with my days this week..I thought my last post was yesterday but in fact it was Monday..Whatttt?!
Anway, this is just a few pictures from my week. Nothing too life changing.

♥ I told you all that I finally joined the Blackberry crew and I ordered this very Barbie inspired phone case. I love it! Ebay does wonders doesn't it?!
♥ A nice little crunchie bar ;) ♥ My Pandora bracelet ♥ My attempt of having a tan. I'm too pale!! ♥ I'm trying to eat healthy, but the crunchie bar at the top stopped this. ♥ My hair after I dyed it. It's a nice chocolate brown compared to the gold, dark blonde.

My 13 year old brother asked me to do his homework - he had to draw a super hero and he is TRAGIC at drawing. I used to love drawing but I haven't drawn anything for years!

Anyway, I drew him a Batman inspired picture and found myself trying to draw Wonder Woman later. Seeing as I haven't drawn in 100 years, I'm pretty pleased with it! Yes - I was too lazy to colour in her hair haha.

Hope you've all had a good week girls!



  1. Thankyou hun. So is yours! I'm following your blog now =] ♥

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