Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Need...♥

Okay, I'm in a pretty grouchy mood today and I have no idea why. So I've made a little list down below of the things I need to starting doing for myself. I feel slightly better after doing it actually =]

Anyway, this outfit would be perfect for a small gathering, date or if you swapped the skirt for fitted trousers, even work. Yes..when I leave uni, I will be very daring with the clothes I wear to should have no boundaries, even at a office desk!

At uni, a industry event was held and we were lucky enough to met the deputy editor of Elle, Jenny Dickinson. Someone asked her the best advice she was ever given and she said:

"Dress for the job you want, NOT for the job you have."

I added the bright yellow eyeshadow to this, because I think it really matches the skirt. I would keep the rest of my make up to a minimum but just adding a hint of yellow to the lids would really add a pop to this look. How pretty is it?!

Finally, my rant list..Here we go, I need...
♥ I need to start focusing more on my work

♥ I need to stop relying on people who I know will let me down

♥ I need to stop giving people 100 more chances just to prove me wrong again

♥ I need to stop people making me think there is something wrong with me just because I don't have a boyfriend or rely on a man to get me everything

♥  I earn my own money, so I can eat when I want without needing someone to drive me there or buy it fore me, I can buy my own clothes without needing a man to and I can stand on my own two feet and be totally okay if I'm by myself for more than 5 minutes!!

♥ I need to be remember that I'm a grown up now..Minus the Disney DVDS

What's your "I need" quote today?


  1. i dont think i could ever get rid of my disney dvds! Lovely post xxx

  2. I'm still adding to my collection of Disney DVD's...I can't ever see myself stopping!
    Lovely outfit you've put together, where is that crop top and skirt from, I think I'm in love!

  3. I know, beauty and the beast is my favourite! =]
    Arrr thankyou =]..I wish I could afford all of it! hahaa.

    The bralet is from Topshop & the skirt is from:

  4. Its sometimes a good thing to have a to do type list things, keeps you focused.

    I think no one is too old for Disney, I will always have my beauty and the beast tape even though we don't have a video player any more.

    My need for the day is I need that skirt.

    Peg x

  5. I'm loving that skirt!

    Don't let anyone make you feel down because your single. Being single is great! You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want!

  6. I love those shoes! I'm dying for a pair like that at the moment.

  7. oh love the skirt so cute!!! :)

    xo Emma

  8. never get rid of disney dvd's! that's my "need" of my life ;)
    i think i now need this whole outfit! i love the skirt especially. and the bracelet's pritty xx

  9. LOVE these! That skirt is to die for! x

  10. Loving this Rant post, i think i might make one myself :) I also love that quote
    by Jenny Dickinson ... Very True :)
    I need to know that no matter what, everything will be okay :) Loving your post !

  11. I need to stop shopping! lol


  12. lovely skirt :)

  13. Great, great items for nice outfit. ;)



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