Saturday, 9 April 2011

Blusher, Mascara & A Whole Lotta Lip Gloss..♥

From left: Clinique lipstick from Glamour's 10 year edition magazine, my over sized make-up bag, just a few things inside it. Vaseline, blusher, powders, brushes, mascara, lip gloss...the usual!
A new Barry M lip gloss I bought for £ smells amazing.

On the last row, dream matte mousse blusher in a bright pink colour. This is a bit too harsh for my skin tone, but it works amazing as a lip stainer! My hand shows the Barry M lip gloss and the Clinique lipstick. Aren't they perfect for Summer?!

Okay, this is not the most amazing insight to my make-up bag, but due to the fact my camera is reaching her prime, I think we should cut her some slack ;) haha.

Anyway, I've been getting a few emails about how I do my make-up routine before I leave the house and I must warn you, I don't like the "natural" look on me personally. I feel too self conscious at the thought of not wearing foundation or mascara...Sad I know.

My basic steps are:
♥ Apply moisturiser to face and neck.

♥ Using a brush, I gently cover mt face with a matte foundation - I have oily skin, so
I need my foundation to last! Maybelline's Wonder Finish in Sand is my favourite atm!

♥  I usually sweep pressed powder on my t-zone and chin area.

♥  I apply bronze coloured blusher to my cheek bones - I'm pretty bad with my blusher..I over apply sometimes! Bourjois blusher is my favourite.

♥ I apply Vaseline to a brow brush and gently go over my eye brows, then I apply a brown matte eyeshadow over them, to create a more defined look.

♥ I'm getting more confident to go out the house without eye shadow on now, so I usually won't wear any, but if I do...I'll lightly sweep a bronze eye shadow into my eye crease to create a smokey effect for the day time.

♥ I add some liquid liner to my lash line, then lots and lots of mascara! I have the shortest lashes in the world, so I have to use a comb mascara.
L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Black is the best!

♥ I apply a natural pair of eyelashes on to create a "Bambi" eyed effect.

♥ Finally I apply a dab of concealer on my lips, to give them a neutral colouring. Then I spread on some nude lip gloss and I'm all done!

Pucker up ;)


  1. Love the pink shimmery lip gloss! Adorable!

  2. I love Matte Mousse blush it's the best!!

  3. i use the matte mousse blush and foundation, both are wins


  4. She's so pretty!!! Cute blog :)

    xo Emma

  5. I will have to try the Wonder finish because I have oily skin too:p

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  7. Love the shade of lippy from clinque and the dream matte mousse, might have to buy some once I `ve completed my challenge.

    Love the way you've structured your make up routine.

    Peg x

  8. nice blog!!:)
    hope you visit my blog too and dnt forget to follow if u like! :)


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