Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pin Me Up..

Okay, this is just a quick post for you girls, because i've been sitting on my laptop for hours trying to do an exhibition review for the V&A museum. My brain doesn't seem to be working today. Sleep is a nice plan right now, anyway I just wanted to share with you a video that I cannot stop watching. It's by one of my favourite make-up gurus, Pixi2woo. She is absolutely gorgeous and is incredible at doing make-up. Definitely check her Youtube account, i'll put a link down below. 

Here is the video I was telling you about, it's a recreation of the 1950s sex symbol: Jayne Mansfield. The thing I love about this look is that it's flawless and classy. I would do anything to have the same features as Marilyn Monroe or Jayne! I tried doing this make-up look a few months ago, but it didn't look very glamourous...maybe i'll have to practice more.

Anyway, here are the links. Enjoy! 


  1. really nice post! i'll definitely check her youtube account.
    i was wondering if you could do a pin up look yourself using high street products?
    LOVE reading your blog jade!

  2. Thanks hun! yeah you should, she is amazing!!
    I don't see why not =] I'll post pictures of it on here to see what you think & add a easy tutorial for you. Is it okay if I use mostly bourjois products?
    arrr thankyou =]

  3. yep that would be great! you seem to be really into the beauty side of the fashion industry, so im looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
    yep that sounds good! cant wait to see it!!

  4. thanks for your lovely comment! I'm def following you, i mean, your blog so interesting and full of inspiring tips and images :) cant wait to read new posts!
    as for your post, i think i'll check out her youtube account! i love this kind of make up!


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