Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Glamour, Pajamas and Nail Polish ;

Hey girls, hope your all having a good week. This is just my week in pictures so far, I have to admit the majority of the photos were of food...I'm very embarrassed to say that food makes me a lot happier than it should do.

Anyway, I keep forgetting to take photos of my outfits! I'll make sure I remember tomorrow, right now I've currently got a towel wrapped around my head and panda eyes - not exactly Vogue material haha.

From left, the latest Glamour magazine where I got a free Clinique lipstick - not too shabby! Top right, little pajama shorts I bought from Primark for £4.50. It came with a cute pink vest top but I spilt food down it...

The second row are two No 7 nail polishes. They are usually £7.00 each but I got them both for £4.00 because of a handy little voucher at Boots. The blue one is my favourite because it reminds me of the M.A.C Wonder Woman collection!
Then next is a sleeping mask I bought from Claire's for £4.00. I had to go to a pajama party so I thought I'd make a little bit of effort.

Underneath that is my Primark leopard print jacket. Isn't it pretty? I realised today that I won't be able to wear it in the summer, so it made me slightly sad.
Next to that is some mints that my best friend got me from when she went to New York. I'd do ANYTHING to visit New York!!!

Then the next row is my cute key ring that one of my best friends won me when we visited an arcade. How cute! The last picture is of KFC's limited edition The Godfather meal - Yum!

Trust me though, I had to delete many pictures of food from this...


  1. Love Primark! Following back, my lovely!

  2. I love Primark too! I love leopard print too! Love all of these though =) xo

  3. That leopard print jacket is amazing! and those mints--i know, i always tell people to bring them back here to texas whenever they go to new york. who knew mints could be that good? funny thing is, i'd do anything to go to the UK!! to visit primark! ha


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