Friday, 11 March 2011

The Devil Wears...

I've just watched the fabulous film, "The Devil Wears Prada" and it has inspired me to show off a couple of outfits that I would LOVE to put together, if I could afford them. The key to these trends is that they help flatter any body type and create sophistication.

Layering and accessorising is the key to make an outfit stand out. Anyone can put on skinny jeans and a blouse, but a fashionista knows that a pair of Topshop stilettos and sunglasses accompanied with an over sized hand bag, will take that outfit to the next level.
Let's start taking notes ladies...

Outfit Suggestion Number 1.
Outfit Suggestion Number 2.

Both of these outfits have the same high waisted chinos as the main element, as you can see they can be dressed or even worn for business attire. Accessories really do determine the perception of an outfit and of course I included stiletto heel's for both looks, I do believe strengthens an outfit.


  1. Oh gosh, I love outfit #2! My favorite thing is that you picked out nail polish to go with them. You're adorable! You can just mail me everything that goes along with #2...thanks! Haha!! : )

  2. I know its amazing! I wouldn't be able to afford any of it, but it's nice to dream haha =] Arrr thankyou 0=] The chanel nail polishes are gorgeous! Why can't they be cheaper =[
    & if i win the lottery anytime soon, I definitely will ;) hahaa x

  3. i love your blog!
    It's so cool you go to Solent! I have my interview there for it tomorrow, so nervous, hoping to study fashion.
    keep up the good blogging! xx

  4. I like the Steven Madden pumps !


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