Friday, 31 May 2019

norvell ultra vivid range ♥

Oversized Jumper Dress - Femme Luxe* | Black Stilettos - Aldo
What can I say about the Ultra Vivid tanning range from Norvell? We all know it is one of my favourite tanning brands because it creates such an intense and tropical tan for my skin. Fast forward to being 7 months pregnant and it gives me a quick and instant pick me up. For today's blog post I managed to squeeze my feet into my classic Aldo heels and I was kindly sent this classic oversized jumper dress from Femme Luxe. I decided to order a medium in a size 8 to 10 and this was more than enough room for bump. Not only is it flattering for bump but it is the definition of comfort. 

I have found Femme Luxe perfect for maternity wear because the fabric is super flattering and stretching as your bump gets bigger. Plus I love the play on the 'Givenchy' brand with the Femme Luxe version of: Give Into Me. Clever, right? This oversized jumper dress certainly needed a dash of tan though and I was really happy with how bronzed my legs looked after using the 1 Hour Rapid Sunless Mousse from Ultra Vivid. I have been feeling slightly less confident in front of a camera since becoming pregnant because I'm not too sure what looks flattering on me but I am really pleased with how these photos came out - even if they took forever to shoot right.
So let's get right to it - what exactly is the Norvell Ultra Vivid Rapid Sunless Mousse*? Well if you haven't had a chance to read my previous Norvell posts, the Ultra Vivid range gives you salon quality tanning results without needing the trip to the salon. I have had a few Norvell spray tans over the years but I still love quickly grabbing a tanning mousse when I'm at home. The unique angle of the Sunless Mousse is that it uses a unique formula to neutralise the unwanted orange shade that some fake tans can create. As you can see from my casual shoot, the Norvell Mousse creates a flawless, bronzed tan that does not include any orange hues. 
When I am looking for a tanning mousse, the number one test is whether the final outcome will appear orange or an intense bronzed glow. I love a deep dark tan and I think the Ultra Vivid range is perfect if you are looking for a holiday glow that adds intense shine and hydration to your tanning routine. My legs felt incredibly hydrated and smooth after the tan developed and I just loved the look of the shade. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a deep sun kiss, I really recommend taking a look at the Norvell range.
I can be very picky with the tanning brands that I use and I have tried countless but this particular mousse is great if you want a hydrating beach glow, minus the trip to the beach. I always think that photos do the talking and I am really impressed. The results last 5 to 7 days and best of all you can control exactly how dark you want your tan to go. As you can see, I am not shy about layering my tan if I am in a hurry. The Norvell website actually breaks down their tanning guide: You may warm water rinse at 1 hour for Light Bronze, 2 hours for Medium Bronze, or 3 hours for the Darkest Bronze. What do you think of the Norvell range? 


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