Thursday, 15 March 2018

#tiptalk - car maintenance tips for staying safe ♥

It is slightly ironic that I spent my morning looking at Range Rovers when I can barely drive my Volkswagen Up. For me, driving is still a rocky road and almost two years after passing my driving test, I am still not very confident in my car. I have been asked a few questions about driving lately and when I was learning how to drive, I would constantly read blog posts about the basics. I have partnered up with Ossett Tyre House to talk about driving safely and how to make sure your car is in perfect condition before you set off. I am a big believer in reading up on things before I do anything so hopefully this blog post will help you if you are uncertain with car terminology or if you want to know my personal experience with driving.
Planning your journey
I usually drive down to Maidstone to see my friends from university and before I do, I always make sure I have enough petrol and my phone is fully charged. A car phone charger is a great idea if you are heading off on a long journey because you don't have to worry about your phone dying. I use my phone as a sat nav and this is what I feel comfortable with. With most blog posts giving advice, you need to find what works best for you.

Make sure you feel calm and comfortable before you start your journey, if you are driving on the motorway you can stay in the slow lane if you are feeling uncertain, I rarely drive in the other two lanes because I don't feel confident enough overtaking cars! Feeling comfortable with your own pace is key to feeling safe on the road and I would rather feel relaxed and listen to the latest Britney album than feel pressured in the faster lanes.
Checking for your annual MOT
I know most of us are familiar with checking our MOT but if you are studying for your theory test or if you have just passed, MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. An MOT test will look at quite a few parts of your car from mirrors to seats but it does not test your engine, gearbox or clutch. You can see what an MOT test is here. It is certainly worth arranging your MOT test before you plan a long journey just to be on the safe side. If you are looking for an MOT service in Wakefield, Ossett Tyre House offer pretty great rates and they can explain the steps for having an MOT if this is your first time. What tips do you have for planning a big journey and staying safe on the road? ♥

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  1. What an important post! Love that you did this. I personally don't drive because I never managed to get comfortable behind the wheel.


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