Monday, 12 March 2018

food time - carluccio's ♥

It has been a while since I posted a #FoodTime review. We all know I am obsessed with food and in the future I want to start writing more blog posts that are based on cooking - when I finally get my own home, this will be a dream, especially when I have my own kitchen. In the meantime I will focus on my first love, eating in restaurants. For today’s review I wanted to talk about the Bromley Carluccio restaurant. Jennie and I went shopping earlier this month and we were seriously craving a big lunch. 
After trying on a few too many shoes in Aldo, we walked a few shops down to Carluccio's. It is inside the Glades shopping centre and the front of the restaurant is displayed without any windows or walls. I quite like that the Bromley restaurant has an open and spacious area inside a shopping centre but you do have the option to sit at the back in a more secluded area. Luckily we didn't need to book and depending on the time, the Bromley venue usually doesn't require a booking but if you are travelling far, it is probably best to ring and book your table before, just to be safe.
When it came to looking at the menu, I decided to pick the set lunch menu. For £11.95 you can pick two courses and for an extra £3.00, you can add dessert. Italian food is always a good idea and I was in the mood for beautiful carbs. I decided to order Antonio's Chicken Liver Pâté and I was not disapointed. The pâté was served in a rounded cup and this made it incredibly easy to break into and spread with my knife. The bread was perfectly toasted and the portion size was more than generous, especially for a starter. The pâté was bursting with flavour and incredibly rich. 
For my main dish, I had to pick the Chicken Milanese, I am a big chicken lover and anything covered in bread crumbs is always a plus. I actually ordered a small pot of white wine dressing to add a bit more texture to the chicken and it gave the dish an extra kick. I was certainly full after this lunch and I am really impressed with the portion sizes. Overall, I think Carluccio's is a lovely spot if you are looking for lunch and the pricing on the menu is pretty great. The interior is very classic, cosy and simple and the menu is full of Italian surprises. There are healthier options on the menu but I couldn't resist the bread and battered chicken. What would you order? Have you visited Carluccio's before? 

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