Friday, 26 January 2018

madame la la tanning ♥

We all know I am obsessed with looking tanned and after making a promise to myself to skip the sun beds, I am a firm cheerleader of fake tan. 2018 is a fresh start and a new chapter for Fairytale Kiss. I am really proud of the content I have produced so far but one of my biggest achievements of January is becoming an ambassador for the tanning brand Madame La La. Now if you follow me on Instagram you might have spotted my slightly darker tan, this is because I started using the Madame La La Tanning Mousse* last week.   
Now I did do my research before I agreed to review the mousse. I had seen Madame La La all over my social media for quite a while now so I was incredibly excited to test the mousse out for myself. I know we are bombarded with tanning products every 5 minutes but I love the idea of a tan that creates a Hollywood glow. The tan formula itself is designed to create a gorgeous, warm glow that develops in 3 hours and the ingredients actually include green tea, coco water and aloe. 
We all know I love products that have multiple benefits to them so I like the Madame La La goes beyond just being a tanning product. The fact that it beneficial for your skin is certainly a plus for me. When I applied the mousse, I was really impressed with how quickly it was absorbed into my skin. It dried really quickly so I was able to build up the colour I wanted and it didn't appear streaky and best of all - the tanning formula smells of coconut! I cannot cope with the typical smell of fake tan so I love that Madame La La have created a coconut scented tanning mousse. 
I am really excited about the Madame La La range, as you can see from my Instagram photos, it creates a gorgeous bronzed result on your skin and I had so many compliments the first night I used it and went out for the evening. If you are looking for a winter pick me up, fake tan is certainly my secret weapon. It really makes me look healthier and I love that this formula hydrates my skin - without the awful smell of fake tan. Have you tried the Madame La La tanning range before? I would love to know what you think! ♥

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