Thursday, 4 January 2018

brand spotlight - louis vuitton ♥

It has been quite a while since I published a Brand Spotlight blog post. I absolutely love writing them and I actually realised that I haven't spoken about one of my favourite designer brands before. I have been obsessed with Louis Vuitton for years and I recently visited one of the London stores to see the latest bags during the Christmas period. One day I will add the Nerverful and Graceful to my bag collection. In the meantime I thought it would be quite nice to talk about why I adore Louis Vuitton as a brand and why they are my go to option for gifts. If you are looking for a timeless gift, this post might be useful for you.
Gifting wise, I think Louis Vuitton items make the perfect present. 99% of the time I will buy a Louis Vuitton item for Ollie if it is his birthday or if the Christmas season is approaching. I have previously bought him a light blue tie and a monogram wallet because these are classic items that he can always keep without them looking out of date. I think the quality of Louis Vuitton is incredible and the subtle detailing is always styled to perfection. I personally love the iconic monogram designs and I think they will always look timeless. 
If you haven't seen my review, I featured my Josephine wallet on Fairytale Kiss a few years ago and this is still one of my favourite purses. We made our way to the Louis Vuitton store in New Bond Street and the shop floor is incredibly easy to navigate. I began looking at the new Leonardo Da Vinci | Jeff Koons collection and I was pretty amazed. Now if I had to create a Louis Vuitton wish list, it would have to include the Ellipse Monogram belt. Yes, the Ellipse belt is quite bold but that is what I love about the Louis Vuitton brand. I think the belt would look amazing with a pair of black leather trousers and a black faux fur coat. It is is a great way to keep the focus on the belt.

Overall, Louis Vuitton and Versace are two of my top favourite brands. I just love how bold and edgy the designs are and I love the iconic monogram pattern that Louis Vuitton has carried on since 1896. My sister prefers the Damier canvas but I personally love the monogram design, it is bold and edgy and it reminds me of the Paris Hilton bags from 2004. I also admire that they don't just focus on bags, they are constantly branching out into different areas of fashion and beauty products. I would love to know what you think of Louis Vuitton? Are you a fan of the monogram pattern? ♥

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  1. When it comes to bags, LV is a fantastic brand. I have one of their purses and it looks amazing and wears really well.


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