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#tiptalk - are you party season ready? ♥ AD

For today's #TipTalk post I wanted to talk about the party season. For many of us, the festive season through Christmas to New Year is a time for getting glammed up, putting on our party best and catching up with friends, family and colleagues. Whether you generally love or loathe the chance to mingle, social occasions can sometimes be stress-inducing or make us feel plain uncomfortable. From pressure to look your best, through to anxiety about mixing with people you don’t see too often, parties often throw up obstacles that can make us feel less, well, Christmassy. If this all sounds oh-so-familiar, today’s post is written just for you. Today I wanted to talk about loving the skin you’re in, styling out the season and setting your social confidence levels, so that the occasions in your Christmas calendar are merry and bright!
Love the skin you're in
Have you ever turned down a Christmas invite simply because you didn’t feel like you were looking your best? I know I certainly have. According to research carried out a few years ago by WeightWatchers, a fifth of us have declined festive invites due to self esteem issues. This means potentially missing out on fantastic food or drinks, quality ‘me’ time and catch ups because of something that’s niggling away at us.

With so many adverts around us showing flawless models in glitzy clothes and makeup, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only person struggling with common issues. Problems with skin and hair in particular can flare up in winter when the change in weather combined with increased styling can exacerbate issues. But there is help out there. From fighting off rosacea through to encouraging stronger hair roots that let you show off your styled tresses with ease, now’s a great time to take positive steps to combat problems where possible and also to remember that Christmas isn’t all about looking picture perfect.

Concentrate on the things you love about the way you look and take some time for the things that make you feel better this season. Whether it be trying out a new gym class or squeezing in an indulgent bubble bath, remember self care is a great start to stress busting and loving the skin you’re in.

Style out the season
In many ways, things were a lot easier when you didn’t need to worry about whether your Christmas party outfit was ‘Instagram-worthy’! The extra pressure of knowing that whatever you wear could end up being judged on social media can add to outfit selection stress. But let’s take a moment to think on that, is insta-worthiness really the best measure of outfit success?  Ask professional partygoers and their response may surprise you.

Model and fashion designer Julia Restoin Roitfield recently told The Telegraph that knowing what suits you is in her opinion, a far better way to express your personal style than “pandering to new trends”. And, if you’re worrying about slipping over in high heels during the colder weather, be assured that this It-girl wore trainers to her “best ever party”. Because in her own words: “When the music is good, all you should want to do is dance.”  

If you do want to splash out on a new outfit don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune or that you must choose something that’s totally-on-trend. After all, boasting about our bargains is a great British pastime and if you choose one outfit you love that feels totally you, you can style it different ways to get the best from it. Social confidence
Suddenly being thrust into a demanding social timetable can really take it out of you if you’re not used to socialising regularly. And, in reality a new outfit and makeover may boost our confidence but it won’t necessarily rid you of the anxiety that comes with festive occasions galore, combined with a to-do list that’s longer than Santa’s Christmas Eve delivery schedule. It’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about hitting the town if you haven’t done so in a while or being slightly nervous about seeing old friends or extended family. That doesn’t mean you need to let social anxiety get the better of you.

When those special parties come around, have an introduction and an ice breaker in the back of your head to help conversations start to flow. If you know and trust someone else at the party, why not talk to them about feeling slightly nervous and you can even work out a special signal so they can come and rescue your or provide social support if you feel out of your depth?

Take active steps to take charge of your own Christmas, work out which events and occasions are important to you and don’t feel guilty about turning down invites that may leave you feeling too frazzled.  Sometimes getting into the festive spirit requires you to unearth your inner sass! I hope you have found these tips useful, let me know if you have any tips for calming party season nerves!

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