Wednesday, 1 November 2017

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Two weeks ago I jetted off to New York with Ollie and his family and we made our way to Woodbury Common. If you have never heard of Woodbury Common before, prepare yourself for a pretty magical blog post. I think New York and shopping go hand in hand and when I first discovered Woodbury Common, I don't think I was prepared for what was in store. Even if you aren't set for New York anytime soon, this guide can also apply to Bicester and Ashford, they have similar stores to Woodbury Common although they are not quite as large as Woodbury. Let's get started...
So, if you aren't familiar with Woodbury Common, prepare to be amazed. Located in Central Valley, the shopping outlet has over 200 designer shops from Versace, Saint Laurent and even the Disney store. Some of the products are from a previous collection and some are still sold in regular stores today. The discounted price is quite handy, especially if you want to save money or buy something from an older collection. When I recently visited Woodbury Common, I realised that you can really plan and organise your day. My first tip would be to grab a guide, the amount of stores can be overwhelming so it is good to look at the guide or the website and plan exactly what stores you would like to see. They also include coupons for certain stores. We spent 6 hours at Woodbury and we just about managed to look at our favourite stores and we still had time for lunch.   
You don't have to plan the shops you want to see but if you are like me, it does feel good to know you have ticked them off your list. Depending on what store you go to, most sizes are XS, S, M or L etc, but if you aren't familiar with US/Canada sizes, it is helpful to have this written down on your phone. It saves time trying on outfits and this is the same rule for shoes. I also have a currency converter on my iPhone so I can work out how much the item is in pounds. The differences can be quite amazing, I bought a Calvin Klein PVC bomber jacket for $180.00 instead of $350.00 which is roughly £135.00 instead of £264.00. Doing your research on the brand also helps, I knew that my sister wanted the medium sized Lily bag from Mulberry and this can be found in the UK for roughly £900.00 but at Woodbury they were selling it for £745.00.     

Your outfit is also important, I made sure I wore loose clothing so I didn't have to worry about getting changed. I could easily put a Ralph Lauren jacket over my plain, black dress and this just made it easier for me to decide whether I liked it or not. I can't handle wearing skinny jeans and getting changed every 5 minutes. So my top tips would include: plan your top shops, know your size, convert the price and wear something comfortable! Woodbury Common really is a great place and if you are looking to invest in a luxury product, it pays to stop at a place like Bicester, Ashford or Woodbury. What do you think of my tips? Have you been to Woodbury Common before? 

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  1. I hadn't heard of it but my goodness, that sounds like a great place to spend some time. Shopping is always fun!


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