Tuesday, 14 November 2017

brand spotlight - michael kors ♥

I spend quite a lot of time in this particular shop. Last year I treated myself to a pair of Michael Kors burgundy snake print boots which I am still obsessed with so I thought this year I could write a brand spotlight post about what I think of Michael Kors. I popped into the Chelsea store earlier today and I always find the staff so friendly and helpful, I don't feel pressured or bugged by anyone and it is really nice to look around the store without someone following you, especially when we are approaching the Christmas period and stores are usually wanting you to spend, spend, spend.

The reason why I love Michael Kors as a brand is because the pricing is pretty great for a luxury brand, it is still affordable and the product quality is amazing. The collections are always fresh and unique and the green faux fur coat from last year is still on my mind. I personally love to wear unique patterns or fabrics and I think MK nails this concept on the head. Leopard print is always a favourite look for me and the bags, boots and coats always match and look great together. 
For bags, I prefer the larger designs and I am really loving the snakeskin effect at the moment, MK have a gorgeous burgundy colour available which is pretty similar to my Russell and Bromley bag. The Jade Snakeskin Clutch bag is at the top of my MK wish list right now, not only is the name great (I might be biased here), but the style is a fabulous choice for a night out or dinner on the town. It will certainly spice up an outfit and I think the gold chain is perfectly styled. It doesn't look too bulky and it isn't too overbearing. When it comes to winter boots, I can't get enough of the MK range.
Quite a few of the boots have a very thick and sturdy heel so they would be an excellent choice for everyday wear, especially if you are running around doing errands. Now the Michael Kors coats always stand out to me, especially the fur designs. This leopard print coat is at the top of my faux fur wish list and this would look very sassy and chic with a pair of vinyl trousers and heels. I have tried this coat on a few times and the length and size is ideal. I have personally found that some brands can make the length or fit slightly too big for me but I think Michael Kors sizing is really suitable for shorter girls.
Overall, if you are looking for a festive Christmas present for a family member, friend or yourself, Michael Kors is a great place to start. They have great staple pieces that can really brighten up your wardrobe and the quality is excellent. What do you think of Michael Kors? I would love to know what you have added to your Christmas list this year, if you would like me to create a list of my favourite Michael Kors products, let me know ♥

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  1. I completely agree with you about Michael Kors. It is a luxury brand that isn't totally outrageous in terms of pricing. You can definitely save up for something and not feel guilty about splurging!


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